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Here’s a letter I just received this morning in response to my post, Romance with Glo blackBerry. Do enjoy.

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I’ve always been a follower of your blog and I’m highly impressed with your analysis on mobile issues.

I use Glo blackberry service. The problem we have over time is that the BlackBerry service fluctuates when on 3G. Most times I have to switch my BB to 2G to have BlackBerry service.

But my 3G service has been active for two weeks without fluctuation. Waking up this morning the BlackBerry service has been down and my concern is that nobody pays for this down time. They still count it as days of normal service.

As for deduction from your credit when using the data services despite having a data bundle, I think that is an extortion that need to be investigated.

I use my own data plan on laptop and they’ve never deducted any other money (so far you have an active data bundle, not BB plan).

For me, I still rate the QoS (Quality of service) of all mobile operators in Nigeria low and NCC is not doing enough to check their excesses.

Thumbs up to you for the contents you always put on your blog.




  1. Glo internet services both on 2g and 3g are currently down in ilorin. no browsing both on pc and bb

  2. Glo sent a text earlier in the afternoon about the downtime.I use glo as well and I couldn’t connect since morning. Had to switch back to my etisalat for data. Hope they get it fixed on time. And if they don’t,thank God for options to switch to.

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