Re-visiting Mobility Arena mobile forums

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Twice now, we have set up and run a discussion forum on this website. By default, we use forum plugins in an attempt to achieve a good level of integration with the existing WordPress database and also to keep a streamlined look and feel between the blog and the forum. Our Mobility Arena mobile forums have been re-jigged.

Mobility Arena mobile forums

There have been issues again and again. At each time, we have had to discontinue the board due to problems with the software. In some cases, it had to do with security. Another issue that we have also had problems with is mobile compatibility. Most WordPress forum plugin developers appear not to consider mobile access.

We have setup the Mobility forums again, and look forward to keeping it regardless of what this time. If you already have a Mobility blog account, just log in with same at the forums to start posting. If you don’t, then create an account, and you are good to go.

Feel free to discuss about your favourite devices, and get help with anything mobile, including network issues. Also feel free to share exciting news about your apps and dream phones. Do have fun, by all means. Do visit the MobilityArena Forum!


  1. I went there yesterday repeatedly to post something…but I couldn’t decide where to start.

    Emmanuel has broken the egg, so I might have a go 🙂 I’ve been looking forward to this for some time- yay!!

  2. I’ve been trying to create a mobility blog account, not working! Atleast not on my Opera Mini. Do i need a desktop browser?

  3. @saiddigge, you should be able to do it without needing a desktop. I set mine up on a Symbian phone using Opera Mini.

    Have you tried with another browser?

  4. @saiddigge, realise when I login to the site on my phone I get an error message like access denied, only for the administrator. Yet, when I come to an article and scroll down to comments, I find I’m logged in.

    Strange I know…

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