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Super Heroes

I grew up on comic books. Literally. All through primary school, I traded my pocket money each day for one comic book or the other. Over time, I grew an extensive collection. While Marvel Comics were my primary territory, I also purchased and enjoyed the football comics, Roy Of The Rovers, Tiger, and Hot Shot Hamish & Mighty Mouse. Amazing; right? Yes; it is, because I neither play nor follow football. But I enjoyed those football comics. I understand that they were discontinued in 1995. Bummer. I also was involved with DC Comics’ finest heroes. You know the drill. Then there was the famous Commando Comics, a series of British comic books that primarily draw their themes and backdrops from the various incidents of the two World Wars. Oh; and what of Archie comics? Sigh.

I hid my precious comic books away from mom’s snooping by stashing them under the mattress and at the bottom of cardboard cartons. God forbid that she found them. Mom and I are like twins, but we just didn’t see eye-to-eye on the subject of comics. Fortunately, I had an aunt who understood me perfectly. She knew that I lived (and would have died) by comics. If I was angry, she bought me a comic book. Problem solved. Best aunt in the world.

Local Comic Books

As I grew up, those foreign comic books disappeared from stores in Lagos. They became expensive and then disappeared. A few indigenous titles sprang up. Captain Africa was probably the most prominent. But it is nowhere to be found these days.

I even created and published my own title back in secondary school. AquaLord was a hit, but…ahem.. only within the four walls of my school. If you ever meet anyone who calls me by the name “Aqualord,” make no mistake about it: such a person and I were school mates. I have run into a handful of other local comic titles, but again, they all seem to be struggling. Sigh.

Oh, but till today, I still buy Supa Strikas. Supa Strikas is a modern-day football comicbook that has gotten a good foothold. I buy every edition. Ask my children. Daddy loves his comics, though that doesn’t seem to stop those kids from shredding them up. Sigh. Children will be children.

Super Hero Comic Books on Android

Okay, enough of history. If you are a comic book fan and are into people flying and shooting beams from their hands (or eyes), and all that sort of thing, here are three Android comics apps that you should have a look at.

Marvel Comics on Android
Marvel comics

Enter the Marvel Universe. The Incredible Hulk. The Avengers. Captain America. Firestorm the Nuclear Man. Power Man & Iron Fist. Namor the Sub-Mariner. Thor. Doctor Strange. Silver Surfer. Ghost Rider. X-Men. Fantastic Four. Spider Man. Iron Man. and much more. There is no boring moment.

DC Comics on Android
DC comics

DC Comics brings you their own world of popular superheroes such as: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Power Girl, Captain Atom, Aquaman, Nightwing, The Flash, as well as awesome groups like Justice League and Alpha Flight.


If you prefer one app to access super heroes from both with Marvel Comics and DC Comics on Android, Comixology is available for that. This app has the largest digital comic library with over 20,000 comics available including over 600 for free. Publishers include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image, IDW, Archie & many more. Comixology are actually the developers of the DC Comics app for Android, so you can expect pretty much similar functionality and features.


All three comics apps – Marvel, DC, and Comixology – are similar in many ways. They all feature access to thousands of comics featuring the world’s most popular super heroes. Free comics are available and updated weekly for download, and purchases of paid comics are available. The apps also let you customize the reading experience. For example, you can choose full page display.

All of the above apps are available for free download from Google Play Store.


  1. All this talk about super heroes and comics reminds me of a colleague I had in Secondary School.

    When this guy draws Iron Man, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom and the rest, you would just MARVEL at the talent he exhibited..

    He went abroad when we were in Class 1, and I have not heard of him since then.

    If he is not utilizing that talent wherever he is now, that would be a crying shame!

    Kudos to TUNJI AKANBI, the amazingly talented Artist of those yesteryears!

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    Your friend sounds very much like me. I don’t do anything with my drawing skills these days. My classmates will be wondering what is wrong with my head. Life.

    Perhaps if I get a gizmo like the Galaxy Note II (I am thinking of that stylus now), I can be lured back into the world of drawing comic books.

  3. I hope the Android version of comixology would allow Nigerian purchase. Strangely, you cannot purchase Paid Comics with the iOS version which has been around for eons. Maybe it’s due to regional licensing Issues. Dunno. Although you could download free comics in the app.

    A major deficiency, if you ask me!

  4. Ah, I have transitioned and moved on from the old DC and Marvel superhero comic books (but I will watch The Avenger and X Men films).

    My comic-loving brother introduced me to graphic novels, I honestly don’t know if I’d want the digital versions. I still have my original Maus, Perseoplis, Madam Bovary et al books. If I change device to another phone OS, will I have to deal with a different format as I’ve had to do with eBooks?

  5. I read many comics in secondary school, but never became a real fan of them. I dont miss them. I really enjoyed the comics about WW2 stories though.

  6. Nothing compares with reading comics especially the super heroes comic. There were world war II comics in those days equally exciting. Pity our children dont have access to them as we did. And luckily, these comics are on iOS and androids.

    @afewgoodmen, it is possible to buy comics in your iOS Marvel App. I bought two recently. Getting time to read them is another matter. Are you using nigerian store? Thats where i purchased mine.

  7. How do you win against someone who is not only bigger, nimble and intelligent, but also gets stronger the angrier he gets?

    Thor will lose this match.

  8. The way to win against a Hulk that is bigger, nimble and
    intelligent, that also gets
    stronger the angrier he
    gets is..

    get him even angrier,

    then use that amplified strength against him, as it is done in

    intelligence beats raw strength any day. It is why humans tame tigers, lions and elephants..

  9. All this talk about super heroes and comics reminds me of a colleague I had in Secondary School. When this guy draws Iron Man, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom and the rest, you would just MARVEL at the talent he exhibited.. He went abroad when we were in Class 1, and I have not heard of him since then. .

    Courtesy of facebook, we eventually fished out this amazing Talent… Now an architect.. Like..

    Thank God for technology and Mark Zuckerberg .

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