OPPO’s Realme smartphone brand is making big waves in the market, making it a must-watch brand. Mister Mobility brings you everything you wanted to know

The Realme Smartphone Brand: youthful, exciting phones on a budget

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OPPO’s Realme smartphone brand is making big waves in the market, making it a must-watch brand. Mister Mobility brings you everything you wanted to know about this exciting newcomer in the budget smartphone market.

Every Xiaomi, Huawei and ZTE has a budget brand these days. Why? Because the flagship market is saturated and the next wave of growth is in emerging markets where budget phones sell like hot cake.

It appears that the Chinese smartphone manufacturers are coming to a consensus that the way forward is to create a budget brand to run separately in tackling the low-end market. And so far, the strategy seems to be working.

So, why not OPPO too? And so they did. In May 2018, OPPO spun off one of its device lineups as a full fledged subsidiary called Realme.

realme smartphone lineup

The brand describes itself as “an emerging smartphone brand”. Its mission is clear – take on youths in budget markets.

The First Realme Smartphone

The new brand took off with the launch of Realme 1, which was available exclusively in India.

The Realme 1 sports a 6″ display, an 8-megapixel selfie camera that does AI Bokeh and Face Unlock. The camera at the back is a 13 MP shooter, and a Helio P60 chipset powers everything. There are two variants, one with 4GB RAM and another with 6GB RAM.

Realme U1 with 25 megapixels camera and helio P70 processor

Internal storage is 128GB. The phone is kept running with a supply of power from a 3410 mAh battery.

In terms of software, Realme 1 ran Android 8 Oreo out of the box, with OPPO’s Color OS 5.0 imposed on it.

This first Realme smartphone was an instant hit and the phone flew off the shelves of retailers.

4 Million Sales In 7 Months

On the first of January 2019, Realme tweeted that they had sold 4 million phones since inception.

That is 4 million Realme smartphones sold in 7 months. For a new brand, not bad at all.

But how was this feat accomplished? Realme launched initially in India but quickly expanded to Indonesia and China. And the reception has been outstanding.

realme smartphone rear

List of Realme Smartphones

So far, the Chinese company has released the following smartphone models:

  1. Realme 1
  2. Realme 2
  3. Realme C1
  4. Realme 2 Pro
  5. Realme U1

The U1 launched in December 2018 and was the first ever Helio P70-powered smartphone in the world. It is a selfie-centric pjone with a 25-mehapixel selfie camera.

It was the last Realme phone of 2018. The first phone neing expected from the brand in 2019 is the A1.

Looking Global

This exciting new brand targeting the youth is based in Shenzhen, China, and is looking to take its products global.

I am left stumped though about OPPO’s recent launch in Nigeria, a huge market for budget smartphones. Why did they not launch with Realme phones instead of the regular, costlier OPPO smartphones that were announced?

Huawei is another brand that has decided to not introduce budget brand in Nigeria. Odd. Very odd.

The budget segment rules Nigeria’s smartphone market. Transsion has taken advantage of that by investing in that segment. Effectively, all three of Transsion’s brands – TECNO, Infinix, and itel – together rule the smartphone market in the country. They are the defacto kings of budget smartphones in Africa.

One would suppose that any serious challenger would come in to tackle that segment of the market.

Xiaomi is making a comeback to Africa, and while there has been no official statement about what models to expect, it will only make sense that the new rumoured Redmi Go phones will be a key part of their drive.


For OPPO, a push into Nigeria with Realme smartphones would make perfect sense. The country has a vibrant youthful population that is hungry for trendy, value-packed, pocket-friendly smartphones.

There are a number of Nigerians who would love to walk into a store and pick up a Realme smartphone.

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