Gionee and TECNO are two competing smartphone brands. Both have their roots in China and both sell in countries around Africa and Asia. Elroy shares why he prefers Gionee over TECNO.

Reasons why I prefer Gionee over TECNO

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I prefer Gionee over TECNO and tell it to as many people as care to listen. I have firm reasons for this preference though, and I share them in this article.

Why I prefer Gionee to TECNO

International Recognition
Believe it or not, Gionee as a brand is more internationally recognized than Tecno. They have a dedicated page for their phones on, and we all know any gadget or brand featured on GSMArena is worthy of note.

I prefer Gionee to TECNO

Gionee has more support
One key reason why I prefer Gionee to TECNO is support.

Seriously, having an Android phone without the support of gurus, geeks and developers can be somewhat boring and uninteresting. Almost all Gionee phones have forums on XDA, with plenty custom roms, mods, hacks and fixes. Visit YouTube, and search for Gionee, you get to see many reviews, and tutorial videos.

Tecno on the other hand, has only support on Nairaland and a few Nigerian tech sites. Kudos to some of our Nigerian gurus, some have come up with custom roms and you can always get help in their dedicated forums, but this is basically restricted to Nairaland.

They ‘actually’ release updates
Yes!! Gionee releases updates for their phones. They recently dropped 4.4.2 Kitkat update for the M2 model, I’ve also heard there’s a similar update for Gionee P4, though unconfirmed. Tecno in their whole lifetime, have never released any kind of update for their fans, you buy and that’s all. Any new update you can only get in a newer phone release.

Gionee P7

Gionee is More Innovative
Gionee is more innovative than Tecno. They have once broken the world record for releasing the slimmest smartphone with the Gionee Elife S5.5. They also went ahead to break their own record with the recent release of the Elife S5.1 model. Their phones are nicely built. Tecno just of recent started getting better in aesthetics with their recent releases of the H7, R7, and Phantom Z.

Personally, I’ve observed that, when you pick a Tecno and a Gionee of same price range, the Gionee beats the Tecno in build, finishing, interface, and UI etc. I don’t know if its just me, but there’s always this ‘edge’ a Gionee phone has over a Tecno. So currently, if anyone asks me to recommend an affordable Android, I mention a Gionee first.


  1. Good Points.

    Most People Are Not Geeks, So The Only Relevant Point To The Average Joe Is Probably The Feel / Look

    The International Recognition Bit Could Just Be Not As Important As The INTRAnational Recognition.

    Go To Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos..And What Do You See Everywhere?.. Tecno

    You Would Be Forgiven If You Proposed A Name Change Of Computer Village, Ikeja To Tecno Village, Ikeja

    The Same Reason Some Folks Would Buy A Peugeot (Pijo) No Matter How You Praise Volvo (In Those Days), Is The Same Way Some Folks Would Buy A Tecno Instead Of A Gionee (Despite The Valid Points You Have Raised)

    The More Pertinent Consideration For Me,And Many Others, Would Be… Comparative Ease & Cost Of Getting Parts For The Gionee.

    And The Comparative Bang For Bucks.

    On That Last Point, I Think Tecno Generally Trumps The Gionee..

  2. You are right. There is just no comparison. I was at slot Festac in Jan. to change my LG Optimus 11 E455 to have another feel at a budget phone(I don’t use a phone for more than 6months before I dispose off). Was checking brands to see if I can get a good phone(any brand) of same price tag as the LG(#25000) when a lady came to me introducing me to Gionee. I first felt somehow before I reluctantly agreed to try this Gionee Pioneer 2 though of lesser price #14500 after checking the specs.

    Can you believe that I found it difficult to let go of the P2 after using it for 6months. The P2 worked fine even better than the LG. So smooth. It is unbelievable. Am even planning to buy the 5.5 anytime.

  3. Same thing happened when my younger bro got the Gionee P2 some months ago. I was just shocked, the battery life on the phone was amazing

  4. Good point made…

    Support for Tecno is not as pervasive as that of Gionee, and no, you don’t have to be techie to aim for an upgrade to your phone (as quipped by EyeBeeKay). You’ll be amazed at the number of people who long for the latest ‘upgrade’ to their phone nowadays…

    I think where Tecno thumps Gionee is really in the area of better visibility and branding. Aside from that: Gionee > Tecno, hands down!

  5. Im sorry to say this but i dont see were gionee is better than tecno in. the so called gionee 5.5 is about 60 to 65k… offering less specs to the phantom z of 52k on jumia

  6. ….. Yeah no one will actually say his mothers soup is nt sweet… Bt to be sincere gionee product myt be better than in some aspect bt nt in all aspect…. Looking at elife 6 vs z mini… Nd elife 7, s5.5 nd d likes vs phantom z…. U wud dat trully no much difference… And checking out d price and build quality a nigerian would actuali go for tecno… I stand to be correct… International watsoeve aint som guys buzness.. thanks tho

  7. I have been using tecno Android since 2014 and I don’t regret their product from phantom A+ to phantom Z mini now I am using phantom 5 May be I should try gionee product to the different between them.

  8. I’ve had nice times with tecno. From f7 + h3, r7 + h6 (upgraded to L7) though there was a problem with a fake mmc that came with the f7. I was disappointed with callus miller, never bought a phone from them again, never had phone issues

  9. Please get your facts right, or better still revise your writeup. Tecno do “actually” give free updates & Tecno Phantom 6+ is the slimmest smartphone, they just beats Gionee handsdown when it comes to design &weight. I own Tecno A7 (Phantom Z) & I “actually” got to upgrade it like after a year of use.

  10. I have used a phantom z, l8lite. Just currently purchased a pw8, the build of the phone is nice, the quality of the phone is good. The memory is expandable up to 128 g byte. It’s has nice features, I can even record videos, through the screen recorder, I can fake calls and so on.. I was I computer village, asked some guys, I buy phone from they told me gionee phones has more second hand value than techno, and their batteries last long. I got the one am using for 35k. The techno l8 lite I used gets hot fast. I have used Samsung severally, don’t care what anybody says, I can say gionee are close to Samsung. Their phones are HD even the smallest of them. Techno is just popular in Nigeria. I was in London, a retro mall in London. When I went to the tech store. I saw different sections of phone. Nokia,iphone,samsung,huwawei,sony,lg,lenovo,gionee.but never saw techno

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