Five reasons why you should be excited about Force Touch Technology

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If you’ve been following the latest trends in tech, then you must have heard about ‘Force Touch’ technology. This new innovation has actually been around for a while, and it’s existent in new Apple MacBooks and Apple watches. But why the renewed excitement?


Rumors are rife that Apple plans to implement it in the upcoming iPhone and it reportedly would be a part of iOS 9. This implies that we might get to see this implemented soonest on Android. Here on we want to look at this new development and why we should be excited about it.

What is Force Touch?

Force Touch, is a haptic technology that detects the force of a tap and correspondingly responds uniquely to the variances in the applied pressure. This implies that a hard press could enable particular capabilities, for instance, displaying the definition of a word or showing the preview of a file.

Increased pressure could also mean another function like increasing the rate at which a movie fast forwards or an image zooms. Now you’re catching the drift. Below is a schematic diagram of the Force Touch implemented on MacBooks.


This technology also makes drags pressure-sensitive, not just taps. This means you can draw signatures with the precision of a fountain pen.

Why should you be excited about Force Touch?

  1. It will be used to access shortcuts, pull up menus(in small popups or at the bottom of the screen), and activate new functions. It would definitely do different things depending on where you use it.
  2. You will be able to ‘Force Touch’ an app icon to have it open up to a specific screen, rather than its main menu.
  3. You might be able to skip through certain screens, for instance, in Maps, you may be able to Force Touch a location to immediately begin turn-by-turn navigation.
  4. By Force Touching a song in Music app you may be able to pull up a menu that’ll let you add it to a playlist or save it for offline listening. Currently, you have to tap an action button to access this menu.
  5. Just like on the MacBook, with Force Touch you get more control over music and videos by skipping forward/backward a bit faster or slower depending on how hard you press.

(P/S: most of the functions above are speculative and may not be what actually comes when iOS 9 is released. But I’m trying to give a clear picture of how the Force Touch will work when it arrives.)

Hopefully, Apple will open this up to developers when it arrives, as this will help them maximize the potentials of this awesome technology.

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