For all goodness and freewill it offers, Android doesn’t have it all, after consistently using it for a while, here are a few irks I’ve

Reasons you should hate Android

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For all goodness and freewill it offers, Android doesn’t have it all, after consistently using it for a while, here are a few irks I’ve experienced:


Scattered files and folders

On Android, when you install an app, it creates certain files/ folders both in internal and external storage. When you uninstall this app, the apk file disappears from the system, but the files and folders remain.

The clutter remains and accumulates over time as you cycle through apps. If you’re the observing kind, you must have noticed the folders when you go through your memery card. These files clogs and take up space till your phone slows down and probably starts to lag a bit. Its unfortunate and annoying that this trend is available on Android.

Apps like Clean Master and SD Maid now becomes essential. They help you wipe off unnecessary cache, junk, and empty folders. Freeing needed space, and more importantly making your device faster.



This issue has been debated on many times. Android is the worst when it comes to new OS updates reaching phone users. The diversity and multiple phone manufacturers has led to many phones abandoned without the latest updates. Updates are left for the manufacturers to tackle, and they always feel this unnecessary, and rather release a new device with newer software. In some cases, a few flagship phones get the update, while the midrange and low end tier resort to rooting and installation of custom roms to get the latest software.

This fragmentation is issue is also prevalent on the use PC suites. iDevices have iTunes, BlackBerries have BlackBerry Desktop Manager or BlackBerry Link, Nokia has Nokia PC Suite. But Android has multiple PC management apps from Samsung Kies, to MTK Droid Tools, to SP Flashtools. HTC, LG, and Sony all have their respective PC suites.

Another annoying gripe is the fact that before these apps work, you need to install their appropriate drivers. Samsung, Sony, HTC, Tecno, Gionee, Innjoo etc, almost every brand has its own driver. Its truly a frustrating experience when you’ve installed so many drivers, they clash on your system and end up not detecting your phone when plugged.


Funny multitasking

With Android, multitasking isn’t really what it’s supposed to be. Good old multitasking, the Symbian way, means:

You open an app, initiate a task, minimize, open another app, initiate another task. Going back to the first app, the first task you initiated is completed rather than freezing or closing.

The scenario is worse when using an Android with 512MB RAM. On android Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, things were fairly stable, but with Jelly Bean and KitKat, multitasking is messy at times, even on the so called 1GB RAM devices. Its no surprise people these days are rooting for a 2GB RAM phone.


Apps swelling up like soaked Garri

Apps swell up on Android like a forgotten bowl of soaked garri. I don’t know if the case is the same for other ecosystems. When you install an app, gradually it swells up and increases in size, this has been noticed especially on IM apps. For instance BBM app is about 25MB after installation, but the app swell up to 163MB (see screenshot). I can’t say what causes this, but its something that needs fixing.

Apps Screenshot

If your phone is low end with small internal storage space, you”ll get notified internal memory is low, and installed apps could get unstable. This has led to more modern phones coming with sufficient internal storage to cater for this problem.

Rooting is a necessary evil

The way Android phones are made, if you’re not rooted you miss out on so many things. Ranging from the easiest fixes to the very complex advanced ones.

From factory, Android phones comes with so many unnecessary apps termed bloatware which you just cannot remove or uninstall. The only way to get rid of them, you must be rooted, and this helps you free some tangible size of internal memory space. Battery saver apps work better when you’re rooted, this translates to, your battery lasts longer after you’re rooted.

Firewall apps work better after you’re rooted too and this helps you block internet hungry apps from sucking your data. You can do all of the above without fear of damaging your phone. All these features are things that should be naturally baked into the android operating system.

Rooting should then be left for tech savvy ones. Letting them do complex things like changing fonts, Using Xposed Framework, installing Custom roms etc.

Things like this makes me love the BlackBerry OS. On it you can tweak as much as you like without need for any form of rooting. Don’t know what to call their model open source? closed source? semi-open or semi-closed?

Sometimes Less is more

If you’re a business man, you’ll learn that,

The more options presented to a costumer, the less likely he will buy.

If tomorrow, you wake up and wanna buy an Android, you have a glut of options so much such that if you’re not well informed, you just end up buying what you didn’t bargain for. Our computer village boys capitalize on this and sell fake or cloned phones to most buyers.

Sometimes less is more, iOS releases at most 2 phones a year, and if you’re getting one you know what you’re going in for. We can’t say the same for Android.


  1. Much As I Am Looking For An Excuse To Shoot This Post To Smithereens, I Am Forced To Admit Most Of The Ponts Raised. 😉

    However, I Think The Title Misses It, Or At Least There Should Be The Opposite Side Of The Coin…. Why You Should Love Android.

    For Me, There Are Far More Reasons To Love Android, Than Hate It.

    And That’s Why Android Is Absolutely Loveable.

  2. Some valid points raised here but heck I still love Android….( which you may interpret as not enough reasons to make me use an iPhone)

  3. I agree with some of your points but in your argument concerning fragmentation, you seem to forget that phones running each of those other platforms are made one OEM, in each case.
    The major problems I have with android are
    1. Swelling of application
    2. Incomplete uninstallation of applications
    3.. Unreliable multi-tasking

  4. Great points raised! A few clarifications though –

    Scattered files and folders.
    – you just need to delete app files and app data before uninstalling apps. Microsoft Office Word doesn’t delete the word documents on your computer when you uninstall it.

    . Fragmentation –
    Android phones are the best selling worldwide and there are dozens of Android OEMs. Fragmentation is just a natural consequence of this. Blackberry is just blackberry . iOS is just for iPhones, Nokia (Microsoft mobile) is the only serious OEM for windows.
    Android doesn’t need PC suite these days. Everything is in the cloud ?. Contacts, pictures, music, videos.

    Apps swelling.
    As apps accumulate data and files, they get bigger. You know this because Android allows you to check. Others don’t even give you a clue about what’s happening under the hood.

    Funny multitasking?
    Common, if Android doesn’t multitask well ; I don’t know who does.

    Rooting is a necessary evil?
    Not in my personal experience. I’ve never had to. Older devices will naturally not get updates because they may lack requirements to run the update. Nexus4 is getting lollipop ???? but Samsung Galaxy Nexus won’t. iPad 3 will get iOS8 but 2 won’t. Just the way it is.

    Less is more?
    Depends. Android and iOS are built on different models. Even Nokia releases average of 6 windows phones yearly. Google as an OEM releases 1 per year. When you say ANDROID releasing phones, you’re talking about dozens of OEMs.

  5. It has been a long time I made comment here. I am not an android fan. I still stick to BB since. Each time I handle android the feel is just not there. I remember a birthday I attended the celebrant relied on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to take his pictures but all the indoor picture taken are not comparable to the one I took with Blackberry Playbook. In fact the celebrant collect all the picture I took for upload to social media.
    Android data consumption is a great minus to the phone for me. While I used 1000 a month for a 3Gig Data Android can gulp the 3Gig in two day depending on the level of use and it uses raw data which is on the high side. So many guys are changing their IMEI number to be able to use blackberry subscription on Android while the headache.
    Android has its own side as one the best console for game but for my age I don’t think I have time to game away again. So I am still sold to BB

  6. “…Android can gulp the 3Gig in two days, depending on the level of use…”

    Well that is more an exception rather than the norm. 3GB is okay for normal use in a month.

    And yes, apps swell on Windows Phone too…dunno about iOS or BlackBerry though

  7. I think the reasons for loving android is more than the reasons to hate it. People love android for:
    UI customability
    Cheap phones
    Free app
    Free pirated apps

    iOS 8 is supported on iPad 2 contrary to what someone said here. Other OS also accumulate data through caching of files and storing of data for better usage. Contrary to what someone also mentioned, other OS also can also check this ‘swelling’ (for iOS, check Settings>General>Usage>Storage>Manage Storage).

    I use a Z10, Galaxy S5 and an iPhone 5. I use the Z10 primarily as a modem for my devices, the S5 as a second phone, sometimes for downloads and the iPhone 5 as my main phone. I am particularly impressed that iOS does not support user file system because when i delete any app, I delete all its files associated with that app unless I tell iOS not to. Besides, i don’t get bothered by the hierarchical file system. To be honest, whenever I decide to use the other phones, I realise that the iPhone is the smoothest despite being the oldest phone, having the least RAM (1GB) and having the most used up storage. That is why I don’t let spec sheets fool me.

    I agree with you, sometimes less is more. I think Samsung is the major culprit here. They make too many phones such that they have difficulty supporting all of them in OS update. Again here I am impressed with the iPhone as I get OS update immediately it is released, the BlackBerry and S5 comes in later. I really like Samsung as an OEM, I think they should make only 3 flagship phones annually.

    For multitasking, I think my Z10 handles it well. I notice that the iPhone runs in the background too but seems to cut resources to the background apps after 5 minutes or so. This means when I open the apps after 5 minutes of sending them to the background, they reload afresh, though annoying sometimes but I hardly notice it. Any app that I don’t open after 5 minutes after I send them to the background is probably not needed in the short run. However, app like Downloads suffers this.

    My data usage is average of 3GB in 5 days.

  8. Well , most of your points really can’t be used anymore after Android L launched .
    Call me whatever you want , but I noticed that Android L on Nexus 6 and other devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 runs butter smooth better than iPhone(s) .
    If iOS is launching iOS 9 or iOS 10 , I’m sure Android 5.1.2 and Android 6.0 will beat them to the ground though 😛
    ~Can’t wait for my Birthday presents (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) !

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