Do you receive monthly security updates on your phone?

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Apart from the annual Android updates, Google releases security updates every month. These correct flaws in the system. The objective is to ensure continued protection for users and to react quickly to security problems that could arise.

Now, to make sure that the Android platform stays secure, Google has a monthly security update program for all devices running on Android. This program has three stages:

  • First, there is the development stage. Having identified the flaws, Google engineers develop the update and prepare it for testing.
  • Next comes the testing phase. Google sends the updates to its collaborators, who are smartphone manufacturers, so they can test it on their products.
  • After that, the update is distributed to users by the manufacturers through an OTA update. Finally, a public notic stating the corrected patches is released.Google monthly security updates

Now, these monthly security updates rely on the manufacturers’ good will. If they do not offer the updates to users, their smartphones will remain vulnerable. Thus, a lot of smartphones are left vulnerable because the manufacturers delay several months to deliver their OTA be sure you get these monthly security updates, opt for a smartphone from the Nexus or Pixel ranges.

Note that monthly security updates do not offer any new features. They simply correct existing flaws in the system. Some critical flaws could potentially allow a harmful application to take control of your smartphone. However, Google has explained that there have never been “any reports on an active exploitation or abuse of these newly reported problems”. Most of the flaws concerned the code supplied by Qualcomm for its components (processor or modem), but Google has proved that it is willing to correct is errors and provide users with continued security.

Now, there was an update in April, which corrected 60 issues. June’s update was even more comprehensive, with 101 android flaws corrected, 27 of which were critical. Among the issues corrected in June were the problems with Bluetooth, in the Media framework, in the libraries and with the user interface system.



  1. Google are doing great job, I like the way they showed how they care about their users. They are improving day by day.

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