Everything you need to know about recording phone calls

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It is usually not a good idea to record someone’s phone conversations. In fact, in some countries it is illegal to do so without the other party’s consent. But if for some reason you need to record phone calls, you can do that easily. This article explores how you can do it.

record phone calls

Some smartphones have the option to record calls built into them. If your phone falls into this category, you will need to get familiar with how call recording works. Functionality varies from one app to the other.

However, if your phone does not have that option, there are apps that can do it for you. There are at least 42 of such apps in Google Play and several in the Apple app store. All you need to do is to install a few to try out.

Some of them require you to press a button to start recording after launching them. Others will start recording as soon as you launch them. All of them give you access to some Settings to determine recording quality, duration of recording, storage location of your recordings, and much more.

More advanced call recording apps include the ability to display contact name and photo for each recording, password protection of recordings, and even cloud storage support.

Again, please note that in many countries, recording phone calls without the consent of the other party is illegal. Illegal or not, it is certainly distasteful to record someone if they are not aware that you are doing so. However, if both the caller and the receiver agree to record the conversation, then the ability to record phone calls can be of great use in a variety of situations.

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