Two days ago, someone gave me a heads-up about Swift Networks’ new free hotspot service called Red Cheetah. I quickly read up about it and


The Red Cheetah Free Internet Review That Didn’t Happen

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Two days ago, someone gave me a heads-up about Swift Networks’ new free hotspot service called Red Cheetah. I quickly read up about it and made a mental note to go try it out and then publish a review.


The service requires an app, so I downloaded it and then headed out to a mall where I would connect to Red Cheetah and give it a spin. I had planned some “me time” for the day and would probably see a movie or something.

red cheetah free internet review


As fate would have it, I was stark hungry by the time I got to the mall. I hadn’t taken breakfast and it was around 2pm already. So I dashed to my favourite buka, ordered a tasty meal and ate my hunger away.

Having filled my stomach, I checked out movie listings for the day and I was just in time to see the new Tomb Raider. Yay! I paid quickly, joined the queue and in a few minutes, we were ushered into the cinema hall. Two hours after several rushes of adrenaline from Lara Croft’s several narrow escapes, we were done.


If you know Lagos traffic, you know that if you want to get home with minimal fuss on a week day, you have to hit the road latest 4pm. Anything later than that and you will join the crawling rush hour traffic and be stuck for hours on the road. So, I jumped into the car and zoomed off like Lara Croft’s demons were after me.

It wasn’t until I got home that flashes of Red Cheetah rippled through my head again. Oh my God!!!! I had spent hours at the mall and completely forgotten that I wanted to give the service a try. I had the app ready on my phone and only needed to search for a Red Cheetah hotspot at the mall that I had just zoomed out of. Sigh.

So, I made another mental note to give it a try the next day. That was day before yesterday. Well, yesterday came and one thing led to another. The short version is that I didn’t head anywhere near the mall yesterday and so, once again, did not get to try out Red Cheetah.


You know what I decided? That you guys will be fine without my Red Cheetah free internet review. I would give you the information you need and let you go and try it out for yourselves. Abi? Will anybody die? Thank you for understanding.

How Red Cheetah Free Internet Service Works

The service gives each user 1GB data daily. There is no mention of speeds to be expected, so we shall assume that Swift is not placing any limits on download speeds.

So, you have to download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Then register with your full name, age gender and phone number. The app will require you to verify your phone number. Once done, connect to any available Red Cheetah hotspot and browse away.


Note that the service is free because Swift Networks displays ads from sponsors to users, so the app will request access to serve ads on your phone. And you have to not dismiss the ads so as to avoid your free internet being cut off. Yes; there is no free lunch in Freetown. I wonder though how much of the free 1GB daily gets used up serving ads.

Red Cheetah is available only in Lagos for now. Ibadan people should please not beef. You guys had your 5 minutes of glory with Airtel 4G. As for Abuja, Kaduna, Ikot Ekpene, Okada, Ijebu-Ijesha, etc, etc, please rejoice with us still. We feel your pain.


Anyway, that is all you need to know about Red Cheetah free internet service. At least, that is all that I know for now. Go give it a spin and come back with interesting stories, please. Feel free to share your experiences here in the comments section of this article or in the MobilityArena Forum. I love you guys!

Download Red Cheetah app for Android devices HERE.

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  2. I’m giving it a try, I just hope it works. If this is truly free like you said, it means no password required. All though I doubt it but still going to try it.

  3. Nothing is free, even in Freetown.
    If it works, at least it serves a basic need of internet connectivity. Citywide/Statewide deployment will be cool though.

  4. Be wary of them ads…

    Hooking up to where u can get the service is another thing.

    But it’s a nice service.

    Any testimonies, come forward

  5. So, I tried out Red Cheetah at Ikeja City Mall today. The hotspot was AWOL most of the time. Like 99% of the time.

    I successfully signed up but was unable to use it. I still have my 1GB allocation for today untouched. And I’ve been here for at least 5 hours now.

  6. So, I finally got to try Red Cheetah today, guys.

    I ran some speedtests and most came out poor. The best download speed I got was 2.32Mbps. Most times, the network was so poor the tests failed.

    I did get to use about 300MB of my 1GB allocation for the day.

    The ads are intrusive though and just pop-up, taking up all of your phone screen without any warning. I blocked one or two unintentionally.

    When an ad is blocked like that, I got a notification that blocking had occured and an instruction to reopen the app to reconnect.

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