Red Strikes Back: Say Hello to China Operating System (COS)

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Yes; another smartphone operating system, but this time from China. Apparently wary of Android and iOS, the Chinese have come up with COS, reportedly built on a security-enhanced Linux kernel. COS has the approval of the Chinese government and manufacturers. Should this become a success, Android OS will take a big hit. Android currently runs on about 90% of the smartphones used in China today.

While Engadget initially reported that HTC was involved in the project, the Taiwanese smartphone maker has denied involvement.

The image above shows COS running on an HTC device. Yes; COS looks like a copy job from Android OS. The platform is being developed by Chinese software company Shanghai Liantong, in collaboration with the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese government.


  1. Google Android OS
    Apple iOS
    Firefox OS
    Ubuntu Mobile
    Tizen OS
    Bada OS

    We have all those mobile OSes, and somebody is still trying to create YET another OS? .


    Too many OSes can truly fragment the Mobile App World,.

    However , this meshes nicely with the Chinese tradition of always having their own brand/version of anything and everything …

    And I believe Google Android truly has something to worry about here..

  2. as far as I can see COS is really just modified Android, built ground up from the Linux kernel (instead of being another Android fork). the images of hTC phones even have them running hTC’s Android skin, Sense. like eye_bee_kay said, China almost always makes their own version of anything popular be it the AK 47 or the iPhone. with govt backing COS could take a large chunk of Android’s market share in China, and that’s a problem. btw eye_bee_kay neglected to add Jolla Oy’s Sailfish OS

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