Redmi note 7 first boot


  1. Tho, at 58k the infinix with 6gb ram is just slightly more expensive… Tho with ?lower mtk processor… Hmmmnn

  2. Mr Mo,is it HD+ or FHD+ as contained in some publications? Please confirm.

  3. Great write-up!The Mi message pop up seems annoying, I have gotten so used to using Apple devices…I am on the lookout for change and this could be the start of something good!

  4. Got the 4+64GB version about a month ago (only reading your review now) and it’s arguably the best midrange phone out there. Would like to point out a few things on the phone.

    Indeed, the speaker is bland but when you discover audio settings and do what’s necessary, it actually has a good output complete with bass.

    Also the screen is truly a tough one to crack. Remember dropping from about a feet high (the very day I bought the phone) and there wasn’t a scratch on it. Still a great idea to get a glass protector / phone case but if you’re not a fan of those, you have no problem as the screen really is tough.

    I had the impression Glo 4G doesn’t work on the phone, only to discover it actually does in some locations in Lagos. I wonder why, but it just does. Otherwise, Airtel 4G is a dream come true on this phone.

    Battery life is great. Goes 18-20 hours on one charge with constant use (chatting, taking photos, IG, Snapchat, calls, emails, playing games and all that). Charges up quickly too with the brick it comes with, can only imagine how much faster it’d charge with a quickcharge brick.

    And the camera is excellent. Night mode especially (long as you have steady hands). Double tapping on the screen takes a photo (which saves your fingers stress of tapping the camera icon or volume rocker to take a shot). Be sure to see the camera icon on the screen before the second tap.

    Great phone overall, premium quality at midrange price which I dare say makes it contender for phone of the year.

  5. Redmi Note 7 obviously is an amazing smartphone. I honestly love every single thing about this beauty. The fact that it doesn’t have Glo 4G network won’t be a problem. I can still make a do with the 3G network.
    Looking forward to seeing more of smartphones like this from other popular brands. Enough of expensive phones that end up giving people high blood pressure.

  6. The 4GB/64GB variant supports Glo band 28. Make sure your Glo sim is 4G enabled (very important), insert it into your device and do this: Go to settings, SIM card and mobile networks, under SIM card settings select your Glo line, under mobile networks switch off automatic network discovery. Search manually for available networks. If Glo 4G is available at your location, select it and restart your device.

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