You’ve been waiting for the Redmi Note 7, and we now have one here. Enjoy our Redmi Note 7 unboxing and first impressions while waiting for our detailed review.


Redmi Note 7 unboxing and first impressions

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You’ve been waiting for the Redmi Note 7, and we now have one here in our hands at MobilityArena. While waiting for our detailed review, please enjoy our Redmi Note 7 unboxing and first impressions.


A few days ago, at an exciting event, Xiaomi Nigeria launched the Redmi Note 7 in Lagos.

Xiaomi promises a “flagship-level experience” on this mid-range smartphone, which is a good proposition for anyone. We will be finding out whether or not it lives up to that as we review it.


In the meantime, we have our unboxing and first impressions of the Redmi Note 7 ready, and we are happy to share!

Redmi Note 7 unboxing and first impressions
Redmi Note 7 unboxing time!

Redmi Note 7 specifications

Our review unit is the 3 GB / 32 GB variant and here are the core specs:

  • Body: Gorilla Glass 5 protection front and back.
  • Screen: 6.3″ HD+, IPS display with Gorilla Glass 5 protection.
  • Chipset: Qualcom Snapdragon 660 octa-core, with Adreno 512 GPU.
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM, 32 GB built-in storage.
  • Software / OS: Android 9 Pie + MIUI 10
  • Rear camera: 48 MP + 5 MP dual camera; LED flash; 1080p@30 video recording.
  • Front Camera: 13 MP selfie camera.
  • Battery: 4,000mAh + Quick Charge 4.0
  • Connectivity: Dual-SIM; Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, A2DP, USB 2.0, Type-C.
  • Misc: Rear-mounted fingerprint reader, face unlock.

There are two more variants of the phone. For a more detailed listing, do see the full Redmi Note 7 specs sheet.

Our review unit arrived in a  very nice, compact box in white and orange colours.

Redmi note 7 unboxing time to open the box mobilityarena


Redmi Note 7 unboxing: what’s in the box?

And now, it is time to break the seal and open the box to see what items you get.

Redmi Note 7 unboxing in the box
Redmi Note 7 unboxing: What is in the box?
  1. the phone itself
  2. transparent silicone case
  3. user guide
  4. warranty notice
  5. USB Type-C cable
  6. 5V/2A power adapter

There is no 3.5mm audio cable in the box, though the Redmi Note 7 has a port for it.

Redmi Note 7 first impressions

With the Redmi Note 7 unboxing out of the way, it is time to look at the phone itself and give our first impressions.


Redmi Note 7 usb-c port

The Redmi Note 7 has a USB-C port that supports Quick Charge 4.0, which means it can go from 0 to 50% battery power in 15 minutes when a compatible charger is used. However, the included adpater is a Quick charge 1.0 unit and  does a slower 0 to 30% in 30 minutes.


As a rule, it is a good idea that you buy the highest rated quick charger available per time and use it with your phones. Right now, Quick charge 4 Plus is the top dog.

Redmi note 7 first boot

Our review unit is Space Black in colour.

Redmi Note 7 48 MP camera

Above is the 48 MP dual camera, which is the star attraction of the Note 7. Adjacent it is the fingerprint reader. I put the camera to use…

Redmi Note 7 camera in action


Here is one of the landscape photos I took with the Redmi Note 7’s 48 MP dual camera:

Lagos State govt Complex Alausa shot with Redmi Note 7 mobilityarena
Lagos State govt complex, Alausa shot with Redmi Note 7

Lovely job, I say.

And here is a portrait selfie of yours truly from the front-facing camera:

selfie portrait with Redmi Note 7 mister mobility

Fine boy, no pimple!

The cameras on the Redmi Note 7 have us wanting to take more pictures. Apart from the photos we have here in our Redmi Note 7 unboxing article, we have more photos for you here: 48 MP Mi dual camera: Stunning photos from Redmi Note 7.


Testing The Redmi Note 7’s Shatter-proof Display

Speaking of first impressions, we got a demonstration of the strength and durability at the launch event. Xiaomi says the Redmi Note 7 has a shatter-proof display and the company’s officials confidently tested it before a live audience at the launch event. I recorded a video, so you can see for yourself:

Fantastic; right? That gave me goosebumps.

I would like to try to break our review device too. For example, I could run my car over it. I could drop something heavy on it. Or I could use it to drive a nail into a piece of wood work. LOL. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Share your ideas for a break test with me in the comments section.

So far, so good. We have very positive impressions of the Redmi Note 7. It looks good, feels sturdy, and takes very good pictures. Using the phone has been smooth too. This 3 GB/ 32 GB variant has a recommended retail price (RRP) of ₦58,000 and can be obtained from the Xiaomi Store on Jumia.

And it is a wrap on our Redmi Note 7 unboxing and first impressions. Our shatter-proof display test video and detailed review will be up soon, so don’t go away.


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  2. Let the break test be useful with day to day activities… Like drop test repeatedly, from sitting height, standing and then a lil higher.. On marble.. Cement… You know, risks the phone will usually face daily. Then car tire for novelty, if it passes the aforementioned in flying colours

  3. Talking about a phone being well loaded, this is it. The specs are mind-blowing. Whoever buys this would definitely understand why money is “important”.

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