A camera phone shootout of the Redmi Note 7 vs OPPO F11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Lumia 950. A 4-year old Lumia? Who does that? Mister Mobility does.

Camera shootout: Redmi Note 7 vs OPPO F11 Pro vs Samsung S9 Plus vs Lumia 950

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A cameraphone shootout of the Redmi Note 7 vs OPPO F11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Lumia 950. A 4-year old Lumia in a camera head-to-head? Who does that? Mister Mobility does.


There are few places in Lagos that do not have the characteristic Lagos hustle and bustle. There are few public places that are welcoming to someone who wants to walk around and enjoy some air away from the mad buzz. University of Lagos (otherwise known as UNILAG) is one of those places.

Which is why, when I needed to get some air and alone time earlier this week, it was my port of call. And so it was that on the first day of Eid, I headed out to UNILAG. I was in a t-shirt and a pair of combat shorts (no; I am not showing you my sexy legs), and my gear included four cameraphones – one flagship, two mid-rangers, and one – how do I place a dated Windows 10 Mobile phone now?


Redmi note 7 vs Oppo f11 pro vs Samsung s9 plus vs Lumia 950


Any way, I had with my my current daily driver, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, OPPO F11 Pro, Redmi Note 7, and lastly, my trusty, aging Lumia 950. I had no specific plan but to take those phones with me and shoot whatever catches my fancy while walking around the campus. I was going to do it for the sheer fun of it.


UNILAG Auditorium: Redmi Note 7 vs OPPO F11 Pro vs Samsung S9 Plus vs Lumia 950

First up is a shot of the University of Lagos main auditorium from a position beside the university library building. To see bigger, more detailed pictures, click on each image.

UNILAG Bursary Building: Redmi Note 7 vs OPPO F11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Lumia 950

Up next was the University bursary building (at least that was what it was the last time I was a student here). I took these set of pictures from the same spot that I took the photos of the auditorium. Again, click on the images for larger pictures.


What was the point of this camera phone head-to-head? Fun. I was just doing what I love – capturing images with smartphone cameras.


For one, these devices are not all in the same class or price range. The Redmi Note 7 costs N58,000, the OPPO F11 Pro N139,000, the Galaxy S9 Plus is a N300,000 flagship, and the Lumia 950 is a 4-year old Windows 10 Mobile flagship that has been discontinued.

Taking these photos as a form of competition would be unfair. But it sure was fun whipping them out one after the other and taking these shots. One thing though: I was curious about how the 4-year old Lumia would perform next to the present generation of Android smartphones. So, perhaps this shootout was more about the Lumia 950 than any of the three Android phones.


It was the best camera phone in the world for a number of years. Do you think it still performs admirably? Rather than comment on the quality of the photos it captures today, I shall leat you, our readers, do the honours. Tell me what you think.


PS: Did you know that all the pictures and videos we shoot and use here at MobilityArena are captured on mobile phones? As a rule, we use the most capable camera phone available at our disposal per time. I started this blog in 2008 to demonstrate what mobile devices were capable of and we have stuck with that for the most part. It has been tons of fun.

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  1. I think the 48mp of Redmi Note 7 is not actually real. It’s like 12mp. However, the phone is cool for that price. For me, I give it to Oppo, even though the lumia is still in the race.

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