How to reduce blue light on MacOS and Windows 10

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Sleep is one of the most important needs of the human body. According to research, prolonged lack of sleep has lots of negative effects. Nowadays, some of this lack of sleep is caused by the lights from our electronic devices, from smartphones and computers to TVs. This light imitates daylight, which messes with the body’s circadian rhythm (the cycle of biological processes that is determined by the amount of light and dark to which our bodies are exposed). These lights cause us to be more alert and wakeful, thus getting less sleep than we should. Thankfully, some devices have settings that cut down on blue light.

Windows 10 and MacOs have recently gained their own special blue light limiting features. Here they are, and this is how to enable blue light filters on windows 10 and MacOS:


Turning on the Night light feature on windows 10 is simple enough. Just go to the Action Center and click on All Settings. Then click on the System button, then select Display. There, Night Light can be toggled on and off.

Note that this feature is only available on Windows 10 Creators Update. Furthermore, you can customize the Night light settings further, with the ability to turn on Night Light immediately also available. Also, you can adjust the color temperature when he feature is enabled, and schedule when the feature comes on and off.

When you first turn on the feature, you will notice the change in color immediately. After a while, your eyes adjust to the change, and it becomes less intrusive. By reducing the blue light, the Night Light feature guarantees you a reduction of the impact of using your PC at night.


Blue light filtering features have been available on iOS devices since iOS 9.3. However, the feature only made it to the MacOS in March 2017. Here, it is known as Night Shift. To turn on Night shift, simply open System Preferences, then select Displays. Click on the Night Shift tab, and then you can configure when the feature will automatically turn on, turn it on till the next day’s sunrise, ad set the color temperature to your preferences.

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