If you lost your SmartPhone right now (misplaced/stolen), how safe are you likely to be? I mean – would you get palpitations in your heart?

ReLoaded – Hey! Somebody Is Stealing Your Data

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If you lost your SmartPhone right now (misplaced/stolen), how safe are you likely to be? I mean – would you get palpitations in your heart?

In the past, I would. Right now, it is just the financial implication of replacing the device – that I would worry about.

In talking about safety, I am referring to the possible misapplication of your phone contents – your phone contact list (possibly with address, email, e.t.c), your login details (Twitter, Facebook, etc – accessible if you use a browser that saves your login details).

Imagine a scenario, where your phone gets into strange hands. This CHARACTER can easily send all sorts of text messages to your phone contacts. Let your imagination run riot here! He may be able to decipher lots of personal details – depending on how much information you store on your phone, and how tech-savvy (s)he is. He may be able to launch your browser, sign in, possibly change your password, etc, etc.

If you are like me (I keep PLENTY of information on my phone – because I want every information literally at my fingertips), losing the phone may be a minority calamity – depending on WHO gets hold of it.

Predictably, most of the strategies I use revolve around software solutions.

I password-protection my device. I make use of Advanced Devcie Locks for Symbian [ADL]. This is a versatile application that allows you set passwords for accessing various things. It asks for a password when the phone is switched on (or the SiM is changed). It can password EVERY app/function on your phone.

If you are afflicted with schizophrenic paranoia, you can actually password EVERYTHING on your device! Accessing ANY app will then require a knowledge of the password, dialing out, turning on the Bluetooth, everything – will require a password.

Remember NOT to forget that password. It is the key to blissful somnolence at night.

Practically, though, it would only be necessary to password those apps/functions that may expose/compromise your data. Some profound thought should yield good selection here. I password all apps/functions that can reveal contents (XPlorer/Native File Manager, Projekt, Bluetooth, all Browsers, Office Applications, sms apps and all Dialer apps).

You may want to stop people secretly depleting your credit (calling with your phone when you are not looking). It may be necessary to prevent people from reading you SMSes (the word ‘philandering’ comes to mind). Perhaps you watch video clips you would be ashamed to have your Pastor get a wind of? All these problems are easily solved.

ADL allows the hiding whole folders/files. You may want to explore this fine app by Googling for it, and downloading it.

Of course there are many other apps along this line – with varying sophistication and features.

Of course, apart from your data/datum getting into wrong hands, loss of the data is also a great factor to consider. I would recommend you pause and think – if I lose this particular information on my device, would it matter (say phone contacts, sms, etc). Can I easily get it back? If you paid for lots of apps, a hardware malfunction may necessitate your buying them all over again.

Obviously, we need to CONTINUALLY backup whatever we can not afford to lose. You ay want to do that Now! Tomorrow may be too late. Remember, ‘Proscatination is a thief of DATA’!

What about you? What measures do you take?

If you do not take any, you may be exposing yourself to unimaginable PREVENTABLE danger!

  1. @SpacyZuma, yes; ADL is available for s^3 (as well as BlackBerry – I think)

    Google ‘Advanced device locks s^3’

    It is also available in the Ovi Store…

    A similar app to [Advanced Device Locks] is Aims Migital Technovations Master Lock. It is available for Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition only.

  2. I use ZDBox for Android to restrict access to apps I don’t want people to have access to while I also back up constantly. my main reason for constant back up is that memory cards can easily get corrupted though I’ve not experienced this with this phone, it happened a couple of times while I was still using Sony Ericsson phone.

    Reason why I protect some application is that some people will collect your device to have a look and start opening applications without knowing exactly what they’re doing, depleting your data allowance in the process for no good reasons.

    I’ve not really bothered about protecting individual files or folders. And for video and image files I would feel ashamed of if my pastor or any other person for that matter should see, I’ve realized that I’m generally healthier staying away from them altogether. Sure I could have them on my device and hide them from men’s eyes. What about God’s eyes.

  3. I use a free application called Smart Applock to protect sensitive files and applications on my Android device, and I also use Track & Protect to trace and wipe all data on my device should I lose my phone.

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