The ReMarkable tablet is pretty remarkable for artists

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Graphic designers and artists have a lot of technological tools to help them in their endeavors. There are a lot of applications and devices that they make use of. One of them is the tablet. However, not all tablets are made for sketching. In recent times, there has been a rise in the number of tablets that use e-ink for sketching. However, these are not yet so widespread. But Norwegian startup ReMarkable has released a tablet that makes use of e-ink smoother and lag-free.

Sketching with e-ink is not really smooth. This is because e-ink refresh rates are generally poor. Sony tried to solve this problem with the Digital Paper, but this is expensive. The ReMarkable tablet costs less than the Digital Paper, though it is a bit chunkier. Nevertheless, you get a lag-free sketching experience.ReMarkable tablet

The ReMarkable tablet is designed especially for artists, and the various tools it has are mainly focused on drawing an sketching. work is synced to a cloud account across Android, iOS, Mac or PC. Furthermore, there is a feature that involves collaborative live-sketching with other artists.

The tablet comes with a basic-feeling white-tip stylus. The stylus is passive, which means it does not require charging. The tips wear out over time, but they are replaceable, which is why the stylus comes with 10 extra felt tips. The tablet allows 2,000 pressure levels as well as tilt support. This creates the feel of real writing.

The tablet’s tools allow for layers of cut-and-paste. Also, files can be loaded from Dropbox. Currently the company is working on cloud-supporting other accounts, and support for Office files could be possible in the near future. Furthermore, the ReMarkable tablet handles ePub and PDF files, and thee are buttons for page-turning, so you could use it to read.ReMarkable tab

ReMarkable Tablet features:

  • 3 inch e-ink display
  • 1,872×1,404-pixel resolution (226 DPI)
  • 55ms touchscreen response latency
  • 8GB of internal storage (no expandable memory)
  • 512MB of RAM
  • WiFi
  • 3,000mAh battery



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