The Remita app isn’t ready for prime time yet

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If you ask us whether the Remita app lives up to its promises or not, our unequivocal answer is a No; it does not. Here’s why.

The Remita App Promises

Remita promises you access to view your balances and carry out transactions across all banks from one place. It offers users “the power of one”.

That I sounded great to us. We know you want convenience. We certainly do. So we thought to take the app for a spin. And we were disappointed.

After signing up and logging in to the app, we hit a wall. A very solid one. We tried to do some stuff and the app told us, “GTB not yet supported. Please try another bank.”

remita app gtb not supported yet

So we tried UBA. “UBA not yet supported. Please try another bank.”

So we tried StanbicIBTC. “StanbicIBTC not yet supported. Please try another bank.”

Who The Heck Does It Support?

Three banks. Three big banks. At this point, we were stumped. We were left wondering, if the app doesn’t support GTBank, StanbicIBTC and UBA right now, who the heck does it support?

If you have tried out the app and your bank is supported and active now, please update us in the comments section. We appreciate your feedback.

Play Store Reviews Agree

We took a closer look at the Remita app reviews in Play Store and found that we were not alone. Complaints of lack of bank support were everywhere. Have a look at this screenshot:
remita play store reviews

Why launch an app with fanfare with claims that people can carry out transactions across all banks when three of the largest banks are not supported yet? One would at least expect that Guaranty Trust Bank would be one of the first banks to be active on Remita, given the orange institution’s huge customer base.

Remita app is a great idea. It just isn’t ready for prime time yet.


  1. On a lighter note you guys should have tried “Jaiz bank” as it was the only bank without issues on the Nigeria Customs AUCTION site. As other supposedly big banks were having interswitch issues. Go figure!

  2. This is a big mistake and a big disappointment for those that launch this app, they should have test run this app very well before launching it.

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