Remotely lock your Android phone

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Android Device Manager Remote Lock

Android users can now set or change the password on their devices when it is not with them.

How It Works

1. Go to
2. select the device you want
3. select the “Lock” command. Google will then prompt you for a password. Seconds later, regardless of where your phone is, it’ll be locked down with that new code.

Even if you already had your device locked with a pattern, PIN, or password, the above procedure will override it and your device will be locked down with the new code. Nice. If your phone is stolen or missing, now you can lock it up instead of wiping it. This new functionality should be available right now on any Android device running Android 2.2 release or higher, so go check it out and activate the feature, so you can use it in event of an emergency.


  1. good for all its worth the

    problem, of course, is that this will not work unless (and until) the device connects to the net.

    and, I imagine, even at that, you only need to flash the device, and the lock is broken

    I wonder why our networks have not yet implemented an imei_based locking for stolen phones…

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