RepairAm: An online gadget repair service is live in Nigeria


RepairAm is an online gadget repair service, a first of its kind in Nigeria, live and operational.

RepairAm is an online platform designed to benefit people by providing repairs for their damaged electronics gadgets. Here’s how the service works:

1.) Go to on your computer or smartphone, go to the ‘Make an Order’ page and fill in the details. An Order ID is generated for you.

2.) Your device is picked up on a day that you chose.

3.) You can track the repair status anytime with your Order ID.

4.) After repairs, your gadget is delivered to you.

RepairAm stands out as a service because you do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office to take advantage of the service. RepairAm is owned by NerdBevy Limited, an Information Technology driven company.

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  1. Cool concept….catchy and sound…but implementation? As with similar existing services (though offline e.g. McDorsey?) I think ground-breaking customer service and strong affiliations with OEMs should be their strong point.

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