What if you replaced Google Assistant with Cortana?

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Nowadays, most people want some sort of personal assistant on their smartphones. iPhone users already know of Siri, and Android users have Google Assistant. However, some Android users are not ones to be stopped when it comes to customizing their devices, and thus Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, can now be added to Android smartphones to replace Google Assistant. The new feature comes via the latest update to the Cortana app on Google Play.

When you set it up, you can set it to replace the long-press home shortcut to the Google Assistant. You get the same features you would get from Cortana in-app. all these actions can be carried over to your PC, so you get one assistant across both platforms. Now, you can get missed call notifications on your computer, and reminders created on your PC can be triggered on your mobile device. It is the same Cortana, but it feels like a built-in system on your Android phone.

It is easy to set up, as the app directs you through the process. Once you are logged in, you get the option to set Cortana as the default assistant in your feed. If you select the item, it takes you t the Assist & Voice Input section of settings, where you can change the Assist app from Google to Cortana.cortana-app

Once you have this set up, the assistance shortcut will trigger Cortana. This does not let you launch it by voice, unfortunately, and it does not work in landscape. So, there are still a few things Microsoft can work on before it is perfect. But this is the first time that Microsoft’s famous personal assistant has advertised this feature. Now, instead of a long-press to launch the app, you can have the improved experience of a Google-Assistant-like overlay, which makes it a great replacement.

Whether you have set up Cortana before, or you just want to check out the latest updates, check out the app at Google Play for free.

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