Ntel starts number reservation, but it is tough going

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Ntel has started a number reservation campaign similar to what Etisalat did years ago. The idea is that prospective subscribers are able to to pick and reserve up to 5 numbers of their choice. The campaign started yesterday 8th and will end 8th of April, 2016. I excitedly ran to www.ntel.com.ng to reserve a number, but I couldn’t get me one.

ntel number reservation

How did Ntel number reservation go for me?

First up, Ntel collects your personal details via a form before you get to pick a number. There are two options to picking a number: you let them generate a random number for you, or you type out the number(s) you want to find an available one. Sadly, both options repeatedly returned the message “Number NOT Available”. All the random numbers that Ntel’s website generated for me were unavailable. I would expect that the random generator only suggests numbers that are available.

All the numbers I typed out too were unavailable – and I tried every possibility under the sun. Okay; not every one, but you get the gist.

But maybe it is just me. If you want a special Ntel line when the network launches, please hurry and go reserve one right away. I will wait till the SIM packs are available and take any number I get then. It is the quality of service that I am ultimately interested in anyway.

Credit: Thanks to EyeBeeKay for the tip!


  1. It works well for me Boss Mobility. You obviously came late. I use safari browser.

  2. I just did mine. I typed in 5 different numbers. One of them was available, and I have reserved it.
    Got an email confirmation instantly

  3. Got a confirmation email, I just hope I won’t have to pay a huge amount for the number

  4. Reserved mine yesterday. You not getting one means the number has unfortunately been taken. Keep trying different ‘special’ numbers though. You might just be lucky

  5. Personally, I don’t see the point in trying “different special numbers” after the very number you want is unavailable or inaccessible. I will just pick a line when Ntel launches.

    Glad you guys were able to reserve numbers though.

  6. Gee, even I was able to reserve a number. What have you done to offend the NTel gods Mister Mo? It’s too early nah!

  7. Mr Mo. wanted a particular Number but he obviously wasn’t the only interested in it. On the surface, nothing special about the number but when you turn the numbers into alphabets… Bingo! I’m in the know… Abi Mr. Mo? *winks*

  8. as i read somewhere, and tried, the catch is that whatever number you want to pick must start with 0 i.e. 08040-XXXXX

    i was successful when i tried that too.

    tbh though, i don’t get the big deal about the reservation sha. like Mr. Mo’ it meant i didn’t get exactly what i wanted……

  9. Kayode Kayode Kayode! How many times I call you? Why you wan fall Mister Mo’s hand like that.. ☹️

  10. as i read somewhere, and tried, the catch is that whatever number you want to pick must start with 0 i.e. 08040-XXXXX

    Not true.

    I got one of the two numbers I wanted. Did this with Firefox on Desktop.

    The idea is to choose a number similar to your major current number, with just the first four digits being different (0804)

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