Did you know that you can factory reset iPhone without passcode? This would be necessary if you forgot your passcode. You can do this in several ways….

Reset iPhone without passcode and never get locked out again

Did you know that you can factory reset iPhone without passcode? This would be necessary if you forgot your passcode. You can do this in several ways. This will wipe off all our data on the device, but if you have a backup, this shouldn’t be a problem.


There are four methods you could use to factory reset your iPhone without passcode. All of these methods require you to connect to a PC. When you have one at hand, try the following:

Reset iPhone without passcode


  • Put the iPhone in Recovery Mode and restore it with iTunes: Note that when you try to connect, you will see a message saying “iTunes could not connect with your iPhone because it is locked with a passcode”. To reset your iPhone, do the following:
    1. Download the RecBoot tool.
    2. Connect your iPhone to the PC and launch RecBoot.
    3. Click Enter Recovery to put the device in recovery mode. iTunes will detect the device in this mode. Choose Okay, then choose Restore to reset the iPhone.
  • Reset iPhone without passcode using iTunes backup: Here are the steps you need to follow:
    1. Connect he device to a PC and wait for the device to sync with your PC. All your data will be saved on the PC.
    2. Now, select the Restore option on iTunes. The device will boot after the reset is complete. Note that this will only work if you connect to a computer that was previously trusted.
  • Reset iPhone without passcode from iCloud: This is quite easy. You can remotely wipe your device using iCloud. Also you can mark it as lost. This would brick the device. But then, if all you want to do is to reset the device, you need an internet connection and a PC. You must have installed and activated Find My IPhone for this method to work. Here’s what to do:
    1. Launch iCloud in your PC web browser.
    2. Enter your credentials. This includes your username and password.
    3. When you login, check among all devices connected to your account to locate the one you need to unlock. Select Erase Operation for that device.
    4. Start a restore operation for the device you just erased. Depending on the size of your backup, this might take a while. After this, you can set up a new passcode on your iPhone.
  • Put your iPhone in DFU mode and restore it through iTunes: When you first connect your device to iTunes on your PC, you will get a message saying “iTunes can’t connect to iPhone because the passcode is applied. Enter the passcode so that it can connect to iTunes”. To solve this, put your device in DFU mode, then do the following:
    1. Plug the iPhone to your PC and open iTunes.
    2. Hold the Sleep button and the Home button down for 10 seconds. Wait till you see a message saying “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”
    3. Choose OK and Restore to begin the restoring process.

Know that you will lose all your data on your device in the process. However, if you have a backup, you can always restore your data. This is why it is important to always sync your device to iTunes and create backups.

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