Want to resist smartphone addiction? There is an app for that!

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Many mobile users find it difficult to disconnect their phones or ignore those persistent notifications. A group of students decided to do something about it. So they developed an app to help them resist smartphone addiction.

The RESIST app is designed to help you stay off your phone so you can focus on your studies or work, or you get penalised. Nothing works like a simple incentive system; right?

Resist smartphone addiction productivity app

How Does RESIST App Work?

The app lets you set a schedule and a financial penalty should you break that schedule. In other words, cash is deducted from your pocket and that cash is sent to a charity that you pick.

It is all your choice.

Open the app, decide how long do you want to stay off of your smartphone, input how much you want to fix as penalty, and then pick the charity you want your money to go to if and when you give in to the temptation to use your smartphone before the time you set.

The app is available for Android OS only at this time but may also get an iPhone version soon.


  1. I was smiling while reading this.. It’s good and equally funny. Setting penalty for yourself, the money deducting procedure must be automated.

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