Retrospect: Did these Symbian apps make it to Android?

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Symbian S60

Last night, I was reading Dayo’s Essential Third Party Symbian S60 Applications published back in 2009. The article listed a number of apps that were must-haves in the days when Symbian ruled the smartphone world.

If you are old enough to have used a Symbian smartphone, you should remember these names: Shozu, Slick, Fring, Olive Tree, and Active File, among others. You certainly will remember Opera Mini. Symbian OS’s age eventually told on it and it was overtaken by Android in 2011.

So, how did these old apps fare in surviving the huge transition from the kingdom of Symbian to that of Android?

Fring made the transition to Android OS, and has recorded between ten and fifty million downloads on Android there. Not bad at all. Apparently, while there is no longer a lot of noise about Fring like there used to be in the days of Symbian, the app has done fairly well for itself in this new world.

Slick was made by Lonely Cat Games. While the development team still runs and has some Android apps to show for it, Slick is not available for Android. Odd too that it didn’t quite die with the demise of Symbian. if you still own a Symbian smartphone, you can still download and install Slick. As a matter of fact, the app was still updated as recently as October 2014. Not bad for a dinosaur.

Opera Mini has been a runaway hit on Android as it was on Symbian. The app has seen between one hundred million and five hundred million downloads in Google Play till date. Opera Mini is like a saviour to many Android users who were hit by the huge data consumption that occurs on that platform compared to Symbian.

OliveTree Bible Reader thrived under Symbian, and successfully made the transition to Android as Olive Tree Bible Study. It is more versatile than its former self and has seen between one and five million downloads till date. That isn’t huge compared to the other survivors, but its nothing to look down on at all.

Active File was a very useful utility on any Symbian smartphone back in the day, but sadly it didn’t make the transition. It died in 2011. The developer’s website is offline too.

It is a brand new world. If you are an Android smartphone user and would like to try out these Symbian survivors, head over to Google Play to search for: Fring, Opera Mini, and Olive Tree Bible Study.

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  1. personally I miss Gravity, the twitter client for Symbian. sent the developers an email mail when I switched to Android in 2012, no reply. ????

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