For someone who reviews and tests mobiles like myself, one of the challenges of switching devices is that of having to install all your favourite

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App Backup And Restore

For someone who reviews and tests mobiles like myself, one of the challenges of switching devices is that of having to install all your favourite apps on the new device. As a matter of fact, a significant chunk of your data plan can go into downloading your favourite apps from the Google Play Store during the installation process.

But then, if you are an Android fan, you don’t have to burn that much internet data to put your apps on your new device. Like we say, “There’s an app for that.”

The handy and nifty app, “App Backup And Restore” lets you backup your apps on one device and restore them on same device or another device (if an SD card is available).

For example, if you need to factory reset your device. You can backup your apps to an SD card. After the reset, you download only App Backup and Restore from Google Play Store and then restore your backed up apps from the memory card.

In the same way, you can backup apps from one device and restore on another.

I have found App backup And Restore a very handy and nifty tool in recent times. It has saved me data consumption and the trouble of manually hunting down and installing each of my favourite apps.

If you are a stickler for Android smartphones, be sure to give App Backup And Restore a look. It is available in the Play Store for free.


  1. At some point, I was using a similar app but I no longer have need for it because I have found a better solution. I now use File Expert and don’t even need to make a conscious effort of backing up my apps. Every other new installation of app gets backed up automatically to a designated folder at the point of installation.

    There is a possible drawback here that you may not want to install every app in this folder in case of resetting your device or transferring to another device, but this is taken care of by its batch operation feature where you can select a number of apps simultaneously for installation. For rooted devices, you can even enable silent operation where after making your selection of apps and given the install command, you are not prompted again for confirmation of individual apps installations.

    One big advantage of File Expert approach is that sometimes, you install an update of an app that will break something: a feature no longer supported, instability in the new app etc and you may have the need to revert to the previous version but couldn’t find it on the internet. Simply go back and install from your backup. Funnily, it happened once with File Expert itself.

  2. Harry,

    Nice. While I failed to mention it, App Backup And Restore has the auto backup feature too, and also let’s you choose what apps to restore.

    I will have a go at File Expert too. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I have been using app back up & restore for quite sometimes now, it has saved me alot of data especially when updating my phone to latest firmware manually. The most interesting thing about the app is that, it has option to automatically back up any app installed on a phone as well as overriding older version of any app already archived on the SD card. Personally, I rate the app 4.5 out of 5.

  4. A phone with expandable external memory has an edge in this case as the archived apps can simply be transferred via external Sd card to the phone and the apps get restored using App back up & restore.

  5. For a phone without a removable storage, you can hook up to a PC to copy the backup files to the other phone or to a microSD card for use in a phone with the facility. More cumbersome, yes.

  6. For those with routed device, you can try titanium backup. That’s the one I use. I have not tried any other one. There’s a paid and free version. One major advantage of the paid one over the free version is that during restore, the free version keeps asking you to confirm each restore. Like Mr Mo said above, you can copy the backup folder to your PC and transfer it back after reformatting.
    This is one advantage Android has over Symbian. Even though Belle has native backup and restore, not all the applications get restored after formatting, especially after flagging. To make matters worse, there’s a limit to how many times you can download a purchased application from the Nokia store. I’ve had to repurchase some applications up to 3 times.

  7. Austine, that limit on number of times one can download a purchased app frustrated me on Symbian. After spending precious money on JoikuSpot Premuim and downloading it a handful of times, I couldnt find the option to download anymore.

    Nokia Support had no remedy to the situation, and I was unwilling to pay again. I havent bothered with it ever since.

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