I recently stumbled upon Globacom Nigeria’s application store (or app store) for Android and decided to check it out. There is also a version for

Review: Glo appstore for Android

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I recently stumbled upon Globacom Nigeria’s application store (or app store) for Android and decided to check it out. There is also a version for BlackBerry users downloadable from the same page.

After downloading and installing the Glo appstore, you are required to select your device on first launch. After that, the app loads a page where there are three tabs namely : Top apps, Most recent and Most view.

The default tab that you are greeted with is the Top Apps tab and it consists of about 30 apps.


There are 26 different categories to choose from, ranging from education to entertainment and the likes. However most of them are empty, which is a huge downer for me.


Creating an account is a very simple process that can be done by clicking on the Sign In button. Registration is quick and sharp and you can download aplications by clicking on the download button after you select the application.



The application does not work in landscape mode and although I was able to download some apps from the store on a Samsung Galaxy S, I haven’t been able to download a single app while using the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Where are the Nigerian apps?
I had also thought that I would see some Nigerian apps there but I was wrong. There are none in there.

While this seems a good move by Globacom Nigeria, the question is, Do we really need another app store for Android? The obvious lack of apps in this store (and in particular the lack of apps developed in Nigeria) makes it all the more bewildering why this is needed at all. There are no more than a few hundred apps in there.

If interested, do download the Glo App store for Android and then relay your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Almost everybody has an .’appstore’ now. It is the vogue.

    just as u have the nondescript neighborhood store, u also have the ShopRites of this world!

    the ‘glo appstore’- like ny other store would orobably get better_stocked and better_organized over time…

    Apple was not built in a day!

  2. I’m sure things will pick up over time, remember that Rome was not built in a day.
    I downloaded the blackberry version of the app and after launching it, it is still loading up till now.
    I hope it will not take eternity though!!!
    Glomobile, its up †?? you!!!

  3. I don’t think we need another app store for Android, Are they bringing anything new to the table, all these app stores are not as secured as Google play and Amazon app Store. what is this, App Store fragmentation!

  4. If they are bringing the same apps I can already get on Google Play or Blackberry App World, I’ll stick with the latter two. I’m curious as to their reason for launching these. Will it load quicker? Is it just as secure? Will this be an easier way to pay for apps?

    “Better the devil you know…”

  5. I think the reason was to help local developers showcase their apps. But sadly, we still have very few local developers. Hence the few local apps in the store.
    Moreover, in the local store local developers can shine without unnecessarily competing with foreign apps.
    Good move glo.
    Only wish I could learn how to develop an app too!!

  6. Its a good move by glo. One ther reason for having the store is to make purchases easier for the users. Though not functional now, later in future users will be able to use the credit on their glo Sims to.make purchases from the store. No need to have visa or master cards before making such app purchase.

  7. The thing that pains me is that throughout my review of the store i did not see one Nigerian Android app and i don’t think Glo is really concerned about that.

  8. @Emmanuel – it would be interesting to know if the terms for having apps on the Glo store will be comparable to having them on Google Play or Blackberry App World for Nigerian developers.

  9. This glo app store would probably get better with time. This is a good move by glo to help local developers.

  10. Unless they provide an avenue where I can easily purchase apps that are not free by using my Glo credit, Naira debit card or something, I don;t see any reason why I should use the Glo store over Google Play or Blackberry Appworld

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