Review: Going Gaga on a budget – Huawei U8180

The Huawei U8180 is an entry-level Android smartphone. As of now, it is available exclusively on the Etisalat Nigeria network, and costs just N18,999 only. If the price tickles your fancy, you might also be skeptical of features and performance. If you are, wipe your doubts out. The Gaga smartphone, as it has been nicknamed, does not skimp on features.

Review: Going Gaga on a budget - Huawei U8180 1

The Huawei U8180 is a standard Android 2.2 smartphone. That means it has everything that Google put in Froyo for you to enjoy. Everything. That includes Wifi hotspot, email, web browser, threaded SMS, and the rest of the usual suspects. There is nothing missing. Plus, Huawei has implemented some neat cube-like animation in the user interface. It is sleek and works well.

Huawei U8180 Gaga-keyboard

Performance? Gaga won’t win any benchmark tests, but its 528 MHz processo gets the job done most of the time. Its not super-fast, but I won’t say that I experienced serious sluggishness either. With 256 MB RAM though, you won’t be able to keep lots of apps multitasking.

Perhaps, the tiny 2.8 inch capacitive display helps with performance too. and it is here that most people will balk. I find 2.8 inches small too. Too small for my big fingers. But it isn’t unusable.

I made more mistakes typing on such a small display, similar to my experience on the Samsung Galaxy 5, another 2.8-inch droid. But for the price that Gaga goes for, the small display is not an issue.

Huawei threw in a 3.2 megapixel snapper as well. You have GPRS/EDGE and 3G/3.5G on board. Plus, Document viewer, and FM Radio too.

Gaga - Huawei U8180

Lastly, Gaga is one budget smartphone that does not look the part. it looks more expensive than it costs, though when you hold it in the hands you can feel that its not expensive.

Still, it is a good looking smartphone that gets the job done.

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