Review: Nokia Wireless Charging Plate And Pillow by Fatboy

When Nokia Nigeria sent me a review unit of their Windows Phone 8 flagship, Lumia 920, they included a Wireless Charging Plate and Pillow by Fatboy, so I can give that a go along with the smartphone. The 920 can be charged just by placing it on the charging plate, or also by placing it on the pillow. The pillow is a very fancy and nice accessory to the charging plate, as it requires the plate to work.

Fatboy Charging Pack

So, what is in the pack? One mains plug, the charging plate, and the pillow.

Charging Plate and Plug

How it works? Plug the charging plate into a mains socket and put your plate on your desk or a table. To charge your phone at any time, just put it down on the plate face-up. It starts charging. You want to do something on your phone? Pick it up. When done, just place it back on the plate.

Lumia 920 sitting on Charging Plate

As already said, the pillow is an accessory to jazz things up. Yes; a fashion accessory. The pillow will fit in more in an informal or domestic environment, like your living room where there are lots of cushions and pillows around. To use the pillow, slide the charging plate into it via a provided slot, and place your Lumia 920 on it to charge. Simple. Nice. Homely.

Lumia 920 on Charging Pillow

Before using it, it seemed like just another gimmick, but the convenience of not having to look for a cable to plug the 920 into when I need to charge it grew on me fast. It just makes sense. Drop the phone and it charges. Pick it up at any time to take or place your calls, and put it back down again. In an odd sort of way, this is one smartphone that urges me to put it down and get on with my life and business till I need it again.

Odd. Yet, it makes sense.

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