Nokia recently released updates for S60 3rd Edition Fearure Pack 2 devices and S60 5th Edition phones. The updates included an updated NokiaBrowser bumped to

Review: NokiaBrowser on Nokia E72

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Nokia recently released updates for S60 3rd Edition Fearure Pack 2 devices and S60 5th Edition phones. The updates included an updated NokiaBrowser bumped to version, as well as updates to Ovi Maps.

I got my hands on a friend’ss Nokia E72, which is one of the devices benefiting from the updates, and proceded to see what changes exactly were delivered.

Updating OTA
OTA updating was a breeze. The 17MB update file was downloaded and installed without issues. However, after the update, while other applications were able to use my data connection, the new browser just wouldn’t work.

Updating via Ovi Suite
To address this, i decided to reinstall the firmware via ovi Suite. This time, it was a huge file of 196MB. However, after the re-installation, all problems disappeared and everything works fine now.

NokiaBrowser 7.3 in action

While NokiaBrowser for S60 v3 is the same version that ships with Symbian Anna, you need to know upfront that only the performance improvements of the Anna browser are here. Nothing has changed in the user interface, which remains a bit clunky to use.


The new browser is faster in page rendering though, plus it has basic support for HTML 5 (it scores 123 out of 450, beating only the WindowsPhone browser), some support for CSS 3, and JavaScript 1.8. Because there are no UI modifications, there is still no option to open new tabs in the menu, which is a bit disappointing. However, this feature should be available in the new browwser for S60 5th Edition devices, which have touch displays.


However, if you click a link coded to open a new page, new pages do open and you can switch between them.

That’s pretty much what the new browser for Symbian S60 3rd Edition (feature pack 2) is about: significant performance improvements. A commendable effort by Nokia, though I have a nagging feeling that some users would feel unimpressed. Still, let’snot forget that S60 3rd Edition is a much older platform and modifying the UI might not be worth the trouble at this time.


What do you think? Were you expecting more?


  1. I sure was! When OviSuite told me an update was available I was really excited, mostly because of the browser. After installing I didn’t see much change, although now that I think about it, the browser did seem a tad faster and consumed a little less data. I didn’t pay it much mind at the time because I was expecting a whole new browser, not just performance tune-ups.

    Not impressed, and I’m really tired of copying and pasting links into operamini just to avoid the browser. Why couldn’t Nokia have just provided the ability to set a 3rd party user agent as the defaullt browser, like on Android?

  2. I was expecting a UI overhaul but was disappointed we didnt get it. Anyway the browser impressed with impressive speeds. I was even able to play a 360p flash video in the browser (dont know if that was possible before the upgrade)….some glaring bugs were also removed. if i was to rate the nokia update. I’ll say 7/10!

  3. There are more changes in the S60 5th Edition browser and it supports up to 3tabs.

    Considering that this is S60 3rd edition, Nokia has tried.

  4. I use a Nokia E5-00 and I updated the software this week through Ovi suite. I must say I am a bit disapointed. There isn’t really any noticable change. My expectations may have been unrealistic though. There is also the possibilty that I may be too dumb to see the changes lol. I will not mind being educated by the experts. Thanks

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