I have owned two power banks before now, the Vantium PC-5200 (5,200Ah) and TECNO MPB02 (2,200mAh) models. Plus, Mrs. Mo owns a Pliris Gynja (5,200mAh).

Review: Nomad 11,000mAh Power Bank

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I have owned two power banks before now, the Vantium PC-5200 (5,200Ah) and TECNO MPB02 (2,200mAh) models. Plus, Mrs. Mo owns a Pliris Gynja (5,200mAh). Last week, a batch of Nomad power banks arrived at Mobility Towers for review. The units range from a 2,200mAh-rated model to a 16,000mAh rated model. The photograph below shows L-R: MP-5200, MP-11000, and MP-16000.


Nomad Power Banks - 5200 - 11000 - 16000

I am giving the 11,000mAh model a go first because it strikes what I personally find to be a good balance between portability, simplicity, and solid backup power. The Nomad MP-11000 comes with the following specifications:


– power button to turn on/off charging
– 5 USB ports for charging up to 5 mobile devices simultaneously, including smartphones, games, MP3 players, tablets
– 11,000mAh power rating
– Maximum Output: 5V/1.3A
– 5 blue LED charge indicators


Nomad MP-11000 Pack


How fast does it charge?

If you live in Nigeria, you must know how difficult it is to measure exactly how long it takes to charge any device. You plug it in and after 30 minutes, PHCN yanks public power. You put on the generator and another 15 minutes later, power is back. But as you turn in for the night, power is yanked off again. You go to bed, leaving the device plugged in, but wake up in the morning without any idea of how long there was power while you slept. I hope to be able to conduct an unbroken charging session, so that I can be very specific.

Nomad MP11000 Power Bank


How long does it keep a phone going for?

After charging it up, I set it to work. Over a period of 48 hours, I was able to top up the TECNO Phantom A thrice and the Lumia 920 twice. It was on a third charging session of the Lumia 920 when it died out. Note that both phones were powered on and had active internet-connected tasks going on all through the time they were being topped up. The Lumia 920’s battery is rated 2,000mAh while the Phantom A’s battery is rated 2,100mAh. Of course, I didn’t empty either phone’s battery before topping up but usually connected the power bank once battery power dropped to 20%.


Nomad MP11000 5-USB-ports


The Nomad MP-11000 supports devices up to 5V/1.3A maximum, and each of the five USB charging points supports different output ratings for different device types.


The MP-11000 is a dream power bank for me. Anyone who is interested in serious backup power should think of this model, otherwise its the more powerful MP-16000 model.


If interested in picking up the Nomad MP-11000, do call 08023249636 to place your order. It costs only N13,000. Please mention MOBILITY blog when you call.

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  2. For anyone who cannot afford to have his device(s) die on him, this would be a lifesaver.

    Some questions… .

    … what are the exact dimensions and WEIGHT? {portability issues}

    ..are the batteries replaceable and available here in Nigeria (they will die eventually)?

    …how long, on average, are the powerbank batteries rated to last ..before they pack up?

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