It is no news that the iPad (like all other iOS devices) does not play Xvid/Divx, MKV and other video codecs out-of-the-box. It is the

Review – OplayerHD Lite For iPad

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It is no news that the iPad (like all other iOS devices) does not play Xvid/Divx, MKV and other video codecs out-of-the-box. It is the Apple way, and there are only two choices available to you:

  1. Conform – convert all your video files that are not compatible with the iPad’s video player to a compatible format
  2. Work around it – you will need to find an alternative to the built-in video player to play almost all video codecs, so that the need to convert is completely eliminated

The question then will be, Which do you prefer? Me? I prefer the workaround for a very simple reason – Freedom. I am able to freely use my videos on any platform that I choose. For those of you that are like me, who prefer the alternative, I present to you OplayerHD Lite for iPad.

OplayerHD Lite for iPad is a free (yes, you heard right, I said free) multi-format video player built specifically for the iPad. It does its job well for an application that is free. I threw all manner of 720p HD videos at it, and it played them smoothly without issues. The majority of my video files are Xvid/Divx and MKV and the application plays them well.


A plus for this video player is that it allows you to choose the aspect ratio you prefer to watch your videos in, whether it’s the 16:9 or 4:3. I particularly like the 4:3 aspect ratio as it allows the video to fill the whole screen. I must say that this is not the default aspect ratio, and you will have to go to the settings to change it.

Be warned that because this application is free, it is ad supported. The adverts are displayed while your video is playing, but they do not get in the way. In my case, the adverts are a minor annoyance that I can live with, since as I said before, they do not get in the way.

Once the application is installed, the only other hurdle to jump is actually getting your video files onto it so you can enjoy watching them. In order to do that, you will have to read Yomi’s tutorial on how to transfer your Documents to the iPad. The process is the same.


Now that your videos are on your iPad, it is time to bring out the pop corn, sit back and enjoy your movies. OplayerHD Lite for iPad is available for download from the Apple app store.


  1. Good One, Yomi. I’m now preparing to download the Oplayer in anticipation of my iPad 2 next month. By the way; does the lite app feature an in-app purchase for upgrade? Or do you need to buy the full app separately if you so choose?

  2. Or perhaps I’d just download the Oplayer lite for iPhone to have a feel first whether it’s comparable to VLC player for iPhone that plays all known CODECS including Flash videos!

  3. Oga, Abeg Sorry. No vex for giving Yomi the credits.

    Yomi, Sorry too. Me just assumed you were the Author. All thesame: GoodWork to your Team!

  4. I want to change my laptop and am thinking getting a tablet instead – so am in a mix on which tablet to get.Pls help out – I want a tablet that is suitable to use here in Nigeria – Asus Eee, motorola xoom and ipad 2 – which is better.

  5. @D, as far as Tablets go, I think your choice at the end of day would have to be based on what is available in our Market, as well as your budget.

    Having said that, let me say that both the Motorola Xoom and the IPad2 are equally good Tablets. Whichever you now settle for will be based on your preference for either Android Honeycomb or IOS.
    And more importantly the price difference between both of them.

  6. the android honeycomb has very few apps available for downloads on its shelf, so I will advise you get an ipad. if you can do with a 7 inch, the galaxy tab running gingerbread will be a better alternative . you have plenty free apps to choose from including paid ones that you can purchase with our nigerian debit cards. I should be getting one for my wife next month if she convinces me enough.

  7. I have used the Oplayer app on an iPad finally. I now make bold to declare that nit is the best multi-CODEC Video Player app in the iOS app store!

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