I am of the opinion that technology should make processes simpler and easier for users. After the implementation of BVN, I kept wondering why our



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  2. Been trying to open a WEMA bank ALAT account without success for a week. The option to upload my identifying documents keeps failing.

    Doesn’t give confidence as a digital service ..

  3. The insistence on the debit card is just to make extra income. Na by force.?

    ..just like gtb sending me sms by force on my current account. ..

  4. I don’t think any of the banks intend to make the online account opening process work. I tried with Diamond bank, Ecobank they still told me to go to the branch.

  5. Stanbic’s is easier, alat still requires you to upload some docs…
    I opened both same day, got my account number for stanbicibtc , I’m still on alats upload session

  6. Wema Alat is OK. Dy delivered my ATM to my location. D card was even issued free of charge. My account is still being ‘restricted’ bcos dy r scrutinizing my contact information

  7. BSJD,

    I am seeing a pattern here with these digital banks: apparently, this restriction based on “scrutiny” is where all of them are failing. See Gladys’ experience with that here: StanbicIBTC Instant Account: All that glitters…..

    It just doesn’t make sense. All over the world, people open Paypal and other financial accounts remotely and are able to fund and withdraw from them remotely. Why does it have to be so hard to implement similar here?

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