I have a Phantom A, while fellow Mobility team member, Patrick, owns a Phantom A+. Because the TECNO Phantom A+ is an incremental upgrade to

Review: TECNO Phantom A+ comparison

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Phantom A - Aplus - aboutphone
The About phone menu

I have a Phantom A, while fellow Mobility team member, Patrick, owns a Phantom A+. Because the TECNO Phantom A+ is an incremental upgrade to its older brother, the Phantom A, we thought a comparison of the differences in the two devices would interest you. We got together to compare the two brothers, so we can give our verdict. As such, this review only compares the areas where the A+ improves on the A. You can get a grasp of everything else that the A+ has by reading my TECNO Phantom A review.


The A+ is exactly the same size as its predecessor, but – and a big but – the unit we have here is black and has a matte finish. This is in contrast to the glossy white finish of the Phantom A. I much prefer the black matte of the A+. I understand that there is a white version too, which is likely to be gloss as well. Personally, I will pick the black matte version.

Phantom A - Aplus - apps


The display of the A+ is stunning. It feels smoother and is certainly brighter and delivers punchier colours. Oh; I suddenly do not like my Phantom A so much any longer.

OS & Camera

The camera app on the A+ is certainly more refined than what obtains on the A. I believe that this is as a result of the newer version of Android Jelly Bean (v4.2.1) that powers the phone.
Phantom A - Aplus - Camera app


Phantom A - Aplus - Asphalt
While the A has a 1GHz dual-core processor, the A+ sports a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor from Mediatek. Does this more powerful processor result in improved performance? Yes; it does. The A+ is snappier. But we decided to put it to test with Asphalt Adrenaline 6, a graphics heavy game. Launching the game at the same time on both phones, the A+ loaded and ran the game significantly faster than its older brother did.

The Phantom A+ is a superb job. It is a befitting successor to the Phantom A. It feels even more solid and refined in the hand. The black matte finish, the smoother, higher quality display, the better performance and the newer OS means that the Phantom A+ gets full marks from us here at Mobility. I gave the Phantom A 9.5 out of 10. What do I give the A+ now? 9.75?


  1. I have heard talk (rumours?) that the battery performance of the Phantom A nosedives SIGNIFICANTLY after just a few weeks of use.

    Two reliable geeks swear to me on this.

    How true is this, and if true, has Tecno addressed that in the newer ..improved… A+ ?

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    My Phantom A’s battery seems to be holding up fine after about two months of use. Or perhaps I just haven’t noticed. Will keep an eye on it.

  3. I have handled both and I totally agree on all points. What I find cool is the tweak done to the camera: sharper and more refined (I borrowed your description!). And the display is: A-W-E-S-O-M-E! on many counts

  4. The A (like the A) is a great looking device. My worry lies more with the brand. I got a Phantom pad for my pop on saturday and few hours later the device started registering phantom touches.

    Was back at Slot to have it swapped and met a man whose N7 keeps rebboting when plugged to a light socket and another whose Tecno “died” 20mins after he purchased it. Out of curiosity I asked the girl who receives and swaps faulty devices at Slot (slot at Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere) and she said she would NEVER recommend a Tecno device based on how many she has to replace. My mom has been nagging for a large screen device and I was thinking of the A but if a salesperson can’t recommend a brand, why should I invest in it?

  5. Khene ,

    Out of curiosity I asked the girl who receives and swaps faulty devices at
    Slot (slot at Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere) and she said she would NEVER
    recommend a Tecno device based on how many she has to replace

    You could have the same scenarios, and different individuals reach different conclusions.

    That’s her opinion, but far more people are expressing their positive opinion regarding Tecnos… by voting for them with their money.

    I own 2 Phantom Tabs and a Tecno P3′, At least four friends currently use the the Phantom A / A+, some have used Tecnos in the past, with glowing reports, and am surrounded by neighbours that use different Tecno versions.

    I am planning to get the A+ soon…too.

    The story is all good… deliriously happy stories, and I will certainly keep patronizing Tecnos in the foreseeable future.

    It is delusional to think Tecnos as a brand, is defective.

    We hear of some Samsungs and iPhones occasionally exploding, overheating issues, the iPhone antennagate, etc.

    So what? Ocassional glitches…

    Personally, I think Tecnos have definitely upped their game..radically.. dramatically.

    Street wisdom is the best wisdom. And the wisdom in the streets is that Tecnos give a great bang for your buck.


  6. I got the tecno phantom a+ three weeks ago.after getting neccessary and useful information,I was persuaded enough ??? go for phantom a+.I can boldly say that it has been a sweet experience from day one.I have never had a dull moment with ?? lovely black bad boy.More than three of ?? manager have purchased the phantom a+.kudos ??? tecno.

  7. 1. What is the current price of the phantom a+ ?

    2. Should i get the a+ OR should i wait for the upcoming tecno X7 ?

  8. I own a phantom A+ and I tell u what?, it’s amazingly outstanding. what else can I require as a function in a gadget that I can’t get? kudos to tecno-mobile, you guys r*o*c*k

  9. I have been using Tecno products now for about two years, and I have no regrets patronising the brand after trying out so many high ends phones that are so fragile, especially when they hit the floor. One very good thing about Tecno Android phones is that they hardly freez or ‘hang’ unlike some other Andriod phones.

    I just purchased a Phantom A+ and I set up the phone with face lock but I am finding it difficult to open the phone thereafter as I am told that I have exceeded the maxinum attempt for unlocking it. What do I do?

  10. someone should tell me about the battery life…..after its fully charged how long does it go……

  11. I would like to buy this phone. I have heard a lot about this phone and my interest in it is increasing on a daily basis. Can some body tell me how long the battery could last when actively in use for quite some time.

  12. please i want to disable a pop up sound on my phantom a+ whenever i am typing a msg or chatn on a social network. its embarrassing when my fone will b disturbing ppls peaceful moment

  13. Yea! Phantom A+ is a powerful android device. It’s bin sweet 4 2days of usage. If u like powerful android phones, u have it here.
    However, I have 1 challenge, and that’s d battery life…….. Once it’s fully charred, showing d % level of charge, it runs down easily b4 mid day.
    Sure, I use data, strictly data when am free @ work, but d level @ which d battery runs down is quite high. The dealer has requested I get it down to b checked 2moro.
    I was wondering if dis could b as a result of d traditional advice of charging phone for 4hrs or so b4 usage. I think it was fully charged b4 I started using it. Pls advise.

  14. Good review u got there Mr. M.O, pls ao abt reviewing phantom a2. So much interested in the machine but kinda doubt if its display quality will be as good as the a+. Thanks in anticipation

  15. I had an acciednt yesterday and mu phantom a+ touch screen broke. the main screen is still ok pls were can I fix it.

  16. I’ve read some stuffs here that I found quite eye-opening. Please, I want a review on the new Tecno Pad (N9). I love the pad but still in doubt on it’s durability and efficiency. Could someone pls advice me

  17. I am currently using a+ and to be apparent and realistic, the phone is awsom and supper. As day passes by, I discover new things about the phone and that make me keep loving it every day. I was using HTC g10 before I saw this phone on net, I then decided to buy it because the HTC was giving me some tough time but when I bought the phone, it was like I have gotten what I needed and what I have been looking for all the while.
    you don’t need to waste you’re hard earn money on brand. buy a phone because of what you can gain from it and not name or brand. let me stop here for now.

  18. ummm please am using a tecno phantom a-plus and i think my battery is draining really fast. the phone was fully charged before i started using it. please is there anything i can do about it?

  19. Eunice,

    You can have a look at the following to reduce battery drain:

    1. reduce display brightness
    2. turn off wifi when not in use
    3. turn off Bluetooth when not in use
    4. there may be an app you installed that is running in the background and consuming power

    If all these are taken care of and you are still experiencing heavy battery drain, it might be necesarry to take the phone to a TECNO service centre

  20. I recently purchased Tecno Phantom A2 that works fine in Nigeria but is not working outside Nigeria !
    Is the phone locked? If yes, what’s the code for unlocking it?

  21. cheap but not durable. waste of resources at long run.
    make ur phones stronger, use high quality materials. brocken screen every were. cant even count how many times my nokia phone has fallen yet no trace

  22. So, how do we fix these glitches?
    …Particularly the battery & non charging phone. My issue.

    I can gladly drop mine as a “guinea pig” for you to study as their official repair shop in Ikeja are useless.
    They obviously are clueless, judging by the throng of people who frequent there.

    Any guru repair guy/shop who know their onions?


    Tolu: 08034754363
    “Searching for Answers!”

  23. Hello Mr. Mo…

    Carlcare is the official service center. Does any one know their manager. I have an Axe to grind with them for returning the phone unfixed.

    Is it because it’s still in the warranty period? Or are they really clueless?

    Tolu: 08034754363.

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