App Review: Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile

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Twitter for Windows Phone 8 has been an outdated app offering very few of the more modern features that you would find in the Twitter apps for Android and iOS. Recently, a version for Windows 10 was released and I dived straight in to see whatta gwan.

twitter for windows 10 mobile landing

First, up, Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile is sleek and smooth. It is beautiful and you really want to use it after launching the app. You get the options to login or sign up.

twitter w10m timeline

Once logged in, all the regulars are there – timeline, notifications, DM, profiles, et al. It has Twitter’s new quote tweet function that lets you quote and comment on a tweet. The normal retweet function is there too. However, it is not all Uhuru. While it is a huge improvement over the Windows Phone 8 app, there are still missing features.

twitter w10m quote tweet

The Missing Bits
Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile does not support display and notification of quoted tweets. So, if someone replies you by quoting your tweet, you will never get to know or see it on this app.

twitter w10m notifications

Also, when you click on a tweet link in a tweet, instead of opening the tweet in the app, it launches the browser and shows you the tweet there. Which sucks, considering that this is 2016.

twitter w10m tweetlink

When viewing a user’s profile, tapping on the profile photo doesn’t load/zoom. Stalkers will groan over this. You won’t be able to ogle your crushes’ fine faces (or figures). But if you are normal like the rest of us, it won’t be an issue. LOL.

twitter for windows 10 mobile profile

Lastly, it works neautifully well on Continuum. Split screen is implemented and it is a joy to use on the big screen. Have a look:
twitter for windows 10 mobile continuum

Besides these missing features, Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile is a beautifully designed app that showcases Windows 10 really well. It just still needs to catch up with what is available on other thriving smartphone platforms.

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