Review: Watching local TV on Bamboo D700

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One of the unique selling points of the Android-powered Bamboo D700 tablet is its inbuilt capability to deliver terrestrial television to the user. In English: you can watch local TV on it without the need for internet or an external antenna. That certainly had me interested immediately. We have a Bamboo D700 review unit in the House of Mo and we have been putting it through its paces. How does it perform in real life conditions?

Local TV on Bamboo tablet

For starters, we were able to access Mitv, TVC, ONTV, and Galaxy TV in the Ojodu area where we operate from. Those are the stations we get on normal TV boxes too at same location. I think it is intriguing that for the most part we were able to get decent reception without the need for an external antenna. Searching for available stations is easy. There are very few settings for the TV app, which is a good thing. Not much to confuse the non-geek with. Volume is adequate and not an issue either.

Bamboo TVC

The display of the Bamboo is not terrible, but it isn’t superb either. Also, the TV app could be better designed and modified to make better use of the space on the screen. As it is, there is a lot of wasted space on either side of the screen while watching TV. The tuner is placed in a vertical bar to the right of the display.

Bamboo TV controls

Accessories included in the box let you pin the tablet to a car windshield or use as a stand on a desk with adjustable angles for your convenience.

Bamboo stand

So, we have good TV reception, and battery life of about 3 hours when watching TV non-stop with an active 3G connection, the viewing experience is let down a bit by the not-so-great display. A stunning display on this tablet would have made for top-notch viewing. Still, in addition to the standard Android OS features, the Bamboo D700 tablet delivers on its promise regarding terrestrial television.

Bamboo Galaxy TV

It is available at any Airtel Express Shop and SLOT stores nationwide at a special introductory price of N39,950 and enjoys 12 Months Warranty.


  1. well, it’s about time.

    with lots of Chinco phones offering non satellite TV, I have always wondered why not on Tablets too.but

    good one, and at a far more reaspnable price than when it was first announced.(50k)..

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