My recent adventures with Windows Phone’s lack of a 3G-only network mode has caused me to have a look at mobile lifestyle again. Mobile technology

Reviewing My Always Connected Lifestyle

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Always connected

My recent adventures with Windows Phone’s lack of a 3G-only network mode has caused me to have a look at mobile lifestyle again. Mobile technology has encouraged a new lifestyle of being always connected. It is a lifestyle that I am used to. Since 2004, I have lived the always-connected life. Running a vibrant web host then meant that it was necessary. I had to be on top of server monitoring and customer support all the time. However, I no longer run a web host and so have no real need to be constantly online now. I can afford to have my mobile check my mail at a half hour or hourly interval and not miss out on anything.

What I have found out is that it is the advent of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as instant messaging services e.g. WhatsApp, that now drives the desire to be always connected. Desire. Not a real need. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt so much if I wasn’t always connected. I am in my midlife and surely could do with a life that involves more offline interactions – family and friends. Surely, slowing down cannot be such a bad idea.

You do realise that I might just be looking for a way to adjust to the realities of Windows Phone. Yes; that is the smartphone platform that has won my heart. You know what is said, If you really want to be with someone, you find a way to do it. If not, you find an excuse. Well…. perhaps I shall find a way to be with my beloved Windows Phone.

Yes; it might just be time for me to adjust my lifestyle a bit and pull myself free of this internet addiction that I have lived with for years. But then, doesn’t that defeat the very purpose of the Windows Phone UI – having information from one’s always connected lifestyle on display via tiles? Tehehehehe. Life!

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  1. What an irony.

    Mic needs to speed up on Windows Phone, there is already news that BB10 has succeeded where WP8 failed – Apps.

    If not for Nokia Windows Phone would have closed shop by now.

  2. please correct me if i missed something… if i remember well, you were the one praising the use of mifi devices sometimes back where you were wondering why people insisted on 3g enabled tablets when they can just get a mifi device and connect their tablet to it. i think you also mentioned that connecting your phone to a mifi device will also make your phone battery last long. so why not just use a mifi device, set it to 3g only mode and connect your windows phone to it?

    so my question is what happened to your mifi device, it seems you have ditched it. your post then was very positve, almost made me think of getting one but i was worried about the battery life. so if you have ditched your mifi device, i think its only fair for you to update us on the reason why so as to get the complete picture.. i know the life of a geek is a synonmymous to the life of a playboy, but at the least let us know why you ditched one girlfriend for another.

  3. bily,

    Hilarious stuff there. the life of a geek….

    I still have my mifi and still use it everyday. it doesnt mean though that I enjoy carrying it around. while I enjoy playing around, I really do prefer to travel light – have only one gadget on me while out and about.

    You must understand that part of the fun of running a site like Mobility is putting myself in shoes that I normally would not wear if left to myself. Adventure!

  4. I’m certain mobility will enhance you in mid-life; that doesn’t take away the need for offline relationships anyway. I expect to remain mobile now, into mid-life and beyond. Why? I’m an information junkie!

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