If like us you have been excited about Glo’s 4G data plans, you might need to calm down quite a bit. The green network operator has just…

Auto-renew your Glo data plan or get half data

If like us you have been excited about Glo’s 4G data plans, you might need to calm down quite a bit. The green network operator has just effected a downward review of their data volumes, and it isn’t pretty. Bt there is a catch: you can still get the old data volumes on your subscribed Glo data plan.


Before now, subscribers to Glo’s Always Micro plan would spend N1,000 to get 3.2 GB of data for 30 days. All that is available now is 1.6 GB. Yes; it is a whopping 50% slash in data volume. If you go Always Min, your N5,000 will no longer get you 24 GB of data but 12 GB.

New Glo Data Volumes: 4G and 3G

This revision of data plan volume cuts across both 4G and 3G data plans, so it doesn’t matter which is your preferred. You get a 50% cut in data volume across board. This brings Glo’s data plans down to the same level as what you get from any of the other members of the Big Four networks. For example, N1,000 on MTN or Airtel will get you 1.5 GB of data.


It isn’t all bad though, as you still get more data volume for more expensive plans than you would on other networks at similar price points.

revised Glo data plan


Etisalat remains the most expensive data network. On Etisalat, N1,000 will get you just 1 GB. But perhaps that tariff will translate into a faster, smoother experience? Only Etisalat internet subscribers can confirm that.

Anyway, the Glo data honeymoon is over now. At least, the tariff icing on the cake is gone. Perhaps Glo 4G will remain as rock steady as it has been before now. As a matter of fact, chances are that it will. With the new Glo data volumes, fewer subscribers will be enticed to get on the network, especially the 4G plans, seeing how difficult it is to come across smartphones supporting their 4G LTE network. I still won’t bet on Glo 3G for reliability.

But beyond that, when it comes to price, it is now a question of picking which poison you prefer. If you need to use lots of data monthly, you have to look elsewhere – perhaps to Spectranet or Ntel. For work purposes, you should explore beyond the wireless operators. In the meantime, how do you want your tea?

Update: Auto-renew to get old Glo data plan volumes

Glo has come out to say that they have not done a downward review of their data volumes. The official statement from their Twitter handle is that subscribers will still get the old bundle volumes if they auto-renew or re-subscribe within 3 days of data outage/expiry. That sounds like word play. In other words, what Glo has done is reviewed data volumes downwards but that if you auto-renew your Glo data plan or resubscribe to an expired plan within 3 days, you will get the old data volumes. If not, they get the new, smaller volumes; innit?

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  1. Calm down, or rile up ?

    Anyways, darkness and light have nothing in common.

    Until GLO (Nigeria) ramps up its pace and be less of a snail, I am not looking in their direction…

    No loss!

  2. Thanks for the amendment. I was just about to correct your initial reporting on the allowance slashes.

  3. And there goes their competitive advantage. I really hope the autorenewal thing holds up else is back to MTN or Airtel for me.

  4. Looks like gifting data plan to a sim that is already subscribed to a data plan is not covered under auto-renewal

  5. And to think I ported because of the cheaper data. Anyways, I’ll be able to go back soon enough.

  6. Thanks for the info, i was skeptical about renewing my subscription but after I did, it was less than five minutes later I got my old sub back. So for me, they kept to their word.

  7. So if I run out of data or say have just a little left and my expiry date is still a long way off, if I resubscribe with the code do I get the double data volume or the normal one?

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