A lot has been happening in-house here at Mobility Nigeria. The site keeps growing, our team are in more demand than ever before, and we have to…

Revised Outlook and Focus for Mobility Nigeria?

A lot has been happening in-house here at Mobility Nigeria. The site keeps growing, our team are in more demand than ever before, and we have to keep adapting and evolving.


Currently, the outlook of Mobility Nigeria is summarised as “Mobile technology & culture in Nigeria“. That means a specific focus on Nigeria and events related only to Nigeria. It cuts off anything that does not have a specific relevance to Nigeria.

However, we are considering a modification to our outlook and approach, to be summarised as “Mobile technology – from a Nigerian perspective“. This is a more all-embracing approach. It lets us cover anything mobility happening anywhere in the world even if it has no direct relevance to Nigeria, but address it from our viewpoint where we live and stand.


nigeria face

The goal with the revised focus is to turn Mobility Nigeria into a global voice on the mobile scene, not just a voice to Nigerians. We are pretty clear about what we want to do, but your insights are likely to be helpful.


You are our readers. Please ask your questions about this proposed revision, and/or tell us what you think of it.

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  1. This expansion is timely,and I totally agree with you guys.For the fact that mobees from other nations and continent have been interacting with us on this platform goes to indicate the unique style of approach to mobile issues and culture from the nija perspective. Hence this attempted evolution is natural and intime.
    Thank you Mobility team

  2. First off, it is a good thing that the site’s new name is mobility.com.ng. That gives it better international neutrality than mobilityarena.com.

    Secondly, we know, of course, that the world is really a global enclave. There are no physical boundaries anymore, technologically, politically, economically or socially.

    As regards expanding the scope of focus, I think this is a brilliant idea ..

    After all, mobility.com.ng has readership all over the world. Most of these outside readers are likely to be Nigerians because of the somewhat currently restricted scope.

    Sue, a way to further increase the readership scope is to be more international in outlook.

    Because mobility technology is just a part of technology generally, a section could be introduced on the blog that deals with anything and all things technology. This is likely to give the blog a wider appeal.. Other technology-related issues can also be treated. Focusing is good, but them, having choices is even BETTER.

    I imagine there are numerous nerds who have interest and expertise in. many spheres of technology that will be able to contribute their wealth of experience to this blog – thus increasing the diversity of the followership.

    Meanwhile, kudos goitre your indefatigable efforts over there. More bits to your bytes!

  3. @ Eyebeekay,
    lol at ur closing remark.

    @ Topic,
    this is a brillant move. Like eyebeekay said, introducing a section to cover anything tech is a good idea.

    Furthermore, It wont be a bad idea if d Miscelleanous section can be changed to general discussion. Thanx

  4. Good move, guys. Sent you a mail, but I’ll repeat here – de-emphasize the ‘Nigeria’ in the name and description. Rename it “Mobility NG” for some form of continuity, and use a description like ‘mobile technology for everyone

    The idea is that this site represents not just realities in Nigeria, but in most of Africa, South America, and Asia. Those regions are where most of the mobile subscribers in the world exist.

    What do you think?

  5. Ple keep it up to your good work. I will advice you guys to concentrate more on the device that available in Nigeria plus it network environment. Then little of comparisons to others country. Thank for the opportunity to advice u.

  6. I think broadening Mobility Nigeria’s focus is good. The web and mobile are global and limiting yourself to one nation is unnecessarily restrictive.

    The quality of the writing and content on the site is world class and the site has an international following. Adding more international content will increase the site’s appeal to readers outside of Nigeria,

    Of course, you do want to keep covering Nigerian operators, events, developers and sites as no one knows the unique aspects of a country’s mobile scene better than one who is immersed in it every day.

  7. change is constant. Lets see how it goes, wish you luck…
    There are lots of users using phones from other platform which do not get attention on this site for whatever reasons. Covering mobile in Nigeria also mean covering those phones esp as regards useage.
    Thank you…

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