RIM, Add A "Like" Button To BlackBerry Messenger

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BlackBerry Messenger

Recently, I wrote about Blackberry BlackBerry Messenger As A Social Network.

One of the responses that I got to that article was from a gentleman who referred to BBM as the 3rd social network after Facebook and Twitter. he also added that he did more social networking via BBM than via the fore-mentioned two.

In addition, we now have an active Mobility blog BBM Group with 21 members. That number was achieved within four (4) days.

Recently, I found the display picture of one of my BBM contacts to my liking, but I didn’t feel like saying anything though I really wanted to appreciate it in some way. I found myself wishing for a “Like” button similar to what obtains on Facebook. That way, a user can like a Display Picture or Personal Message belonging to any BBM contact.

Any others?

It is possible that BBM can be further enhanced as a social network. Do you have any other ideas?

PS: In the meantime, if you want to hookup on BBM, here’s my PIN: 285A12BB (PIN no longer valid).


  1. if you want to hookup on BBM, here’s my PIN: 285A12BB

    Don’t know if this is already happening.

    Maybe it is time to start quoting BB PINs the way email addresses and telephone numbers are-on letterheads and business cards…

  2. Really, this is partiality number 1. I don’t want to believe that you’re no more “platform Agnostic”! If you have a BBM Mobility group, the it would be only too proper to have an iMessenger Mobility group too. Also you can also try adding a Symbian Whatsapp group for good measure!

    BTW, My iMessenger ID is still “oviealbert@gmail.com”

    When you create two additional groups for other platforms, let us know here! That’s the only way you can extricate yourself of this “platform preferential-ism”. We’re all jealous to say the least. Lol. 😉

  3. Hmmm emmm, Facebook might sue them for patent infringement… Okay just saying rubbish but who knows, I might be right. Maybe it’s the introvert in me that hates the bb thing, I love my privacy. My N8 is about 13 months old and I’m loving it more, they keep updating the Belle OS . Don’t blame mr mobility for not having a Symbian chat group, blame Nokia !

  4. @eyebeekay: bb pin on business card is gaining ground already (the thing tire me when i saw a couple of such).
    @bosun: i can relate with that…

  5. Now that’s interesting.

    How do I join the mobility blog bbm group now that Yomi’s pin is no longer valid? Maybe I can be invited. My bb pin is 217D665F.

    Any in case mobility blog starts linking up on iPhone’s imessenger, my ID is:

    Since we are all about social networking and exclusive “pinging” groups, use this number to link me on whatsapp: 08151636114.

    I really don’t want to miss out on anything do I?

    The point am trying to make is that any group based on mobility.com.ng is worth joining.

    Happy New Year (in about 1hr 17min) to all members of the mobility blog.

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