RIM, Add A "Like" Button To BlackBerry Messenger

Recently, I wrote about Blackberry BlackBerry Messenger As A Social Network.

One of the responses that I got to that article was from a gentleman who referred to BBM as the 3rd social network after Facebook and Twitter. he also added that he did more social networking via BBM than via the fore-mentioned two.

In addition, we now have an active Mobility blog BBM Group with 21 members. That number was achieved within four (4) days.

Recently, I found the display picture of one of my BBM contacts to my liking, but I didn’t feel like saying anything though I really wanted to appreciate it in some way. I found myself wishing for a “Like” button similar to what obtains on Facebook. That way, a user can like a Display Picture or Personal Message belonging to any BBM contact.

Any others?

It is possible that BBM can be further enhanced as a social network. Do you have any other ideas?

PS: In the meantime, if you want to hookup on BBM, here’s my PIN: 285A12BB (PIN no longer valid).


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