RIM launches BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370

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RIM have announced a new range of budget Blackberry smartphones – BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370.

bb 9350 9360 9379

The three phones all sport a 2.44-inch, 480 x 360 resolution display, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, NFC, and run on the latest BlackBerry OS 7.

Unfortunately, RIM have jumped on the Fixed-focus/full-focus camera bandwagon and equipped each of the devices with a 5 megapixel fixed-focus camera with LED flash.

  1. Good to know that they are making budget friendly versions of the bb OS 7. This move will help them in staying afloat in several markets

  2. @twitter_Shay_dude trust me fixed focus camera’s are crap…the camera of my E5 can’t be compared to that of BB tour’s 3.2mp camera…or even sony ericsson’s K750…they outshine mine! Autofocus is highly needed in a cam.

  3. I believe autofocus is important truly…thats why i wonder whats going on in nokia’s mind…..good specd phones spoiled by fixed-focus cameras

  4. What’s the difference between the 3 of them. RIM does this a lot.. bold 2,3 nd 4 are exactly the same both in terms of design and specs except for the camera res and OS version which can be updated plus the madel numbers don’t follow any pattern at all. are they trying to confuse customers or what?

  5. When will it be available in Nigeria? That’s the koko. About the fixed focus/auto focus debate, I really dont care, I am a phone user, not a photographer.

  6. Alot of people have being mislead by RIM naming convention.

    Most people call Bold 9780 bold4 where as its the 3rd Bold and should be called Bold3.

    All these is because RIM releases both GSM and CDMA phones and both are always World phones.

  7. I am upgrading my phone this weekend and am quite fancying a blackberry, although I know nothing about them! My current phone is a Nokia 5800 xpm. I use my phone a lot for music, have a memory card and over 1000 songs on it., and plug it into a fm transmitter in my car.
    Which blackberry is the best one for using as a music player?

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