You may not like it, but if there is one industry that is usually a fore-runner whenever a new digital technology shows up, it is

Whatever it is you want, there’s a doll for that

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You may not like it, but if there is one industry that is usually a fore-runner whenever a new digital technology shows up, it is the adult industry. And now, this industry is pioneering the move from the app generation to the doll generation. The dolls are here and will evolve into robot dolls that replace humans in many areas.

baby girl robot doll

The slogan of the app generation is “There’s an app for that”. The slogan for the doll generation will be, “There’s a doll for that”.

Male dolls. Female dolls. Gender-neutral dolls. Whatever kind you need, it shall be delivered.

Are you Sapiosexual? There’s a doll for that.

Are you straight? There’s a doll for that.

Trans? There’s a doll for that.

Bakassi fan? There’s a doll for that.

You want everything in one? Best believe, there’s a doll for that.

I hear that the ladies – triggered by this new development- are already asking if a doll can cook or do the laundry. Forget the sudden U-turn on gender roles, if you want meals made and laundry done, you better believe it, there’s a doll for that. If dolls can be programmed to learn Kamasutra, how hard can it be to programme them to master the culinary arts? Please.

A Toast To World Peace?

The really interesting thing is that both male and female dolls exist. No marginalisation here.

Both sides of the divide finally get dolls to taste. And those dolls will get better. Perhaps finally, women will have no more need for men and men will have no more need for women. The gender wars can end. Equilibrium. Perhaps it is a good time to make a toast to world peace. 🍷

Sadly, the toast might just be a tad premature. The last I checked, the appearance of these baby girl dolls has sparked another bitter round of the gender wars. Sigh.

Sophia, The Forerunner

But gender issues aside, dolls will be bigger than being just toys to play with. Have you heard of Sophia? She’s not just a doll; she is a robot doll. She talks and interacts with people, learning and getting better on the job just the way humans do. Sophia even has and operates an active Twitter account.

Sophia robot doll

Sophia has been around since, 2015 and can display more than 62 facial expressions. She has already been given citizenship by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If you need help with scientific research and experiments, there’s a doll for that.

Farming? There’s one for that.

Business management? There’s a doll for that.

There will be dolls for everything under the sun, and eventually, there will be dolls that combine knowledge and skills in multiple fields, just as it is with humans.

Robot Dolls Hold The Future

All robot dolls will evolve pretty much along the lines of Sophia. They will be able to talk and hold conversations. Eventually, they will come close to being as human as possible. You can fight it all you want, but as long as Donald Duck and King Kong-un do not hit those nuclear buttons and wipe out planet earth, as long as a virus outbreak does not wipe out the human population, World War Z-style, robot dolls will improve and replace humans in many fields.

They just might replace humans in intimate relationships too. In the not too distant future, we shall have artificial intelligence powered robot dolls that learn what you like/want/need/whatever and adjust behaviour/performance to your taste. Plus, you can order physical specs from the get go. You will no longer have to go through this trial-and-error dance that we call love. Just order your boo according to your specs and wants/needs. Satisfaction guaranteed for everyone.

At the end of the day, it is science that shall save (or end) the world, depending on whether you are Team Musk or Team Zuckerberg.

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