The iPad may be the world’s number one selling tablet, but using one has progressively turned into a usability nightmare for me. I will describe

Romance with Apple iPad turns Nightmare

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The iPad may be the world’s number one selling tablet, but using one has progressively turned into a usability nightmare for me. I will describe the iPad as the pretty girl you see in the school hall, fall in love with, marry, and then find out that she cooks terrible stuff, lacks manners and just generally gets in the way of how you do things.

So, what are my gripes against the iPad. Here are the iPad’s best kept secrets:

1. Pseudo Multitasking Woes
You know Apple’s drill here. Move away from an app and it is frozen in the background. Sounds good, except if you do a lot of web browsing, what happens when you return to a page many times is that the page is reloaded afresh.

That costs me time. And costs me internet data. Why can’t it freeze my pages there and simply present them to me the way I left them? Oh, it does that SOME of the time. Consolation.

2. Apps Shutting Down in the Background (and Foreground too)
Yes; and you thought that was a Symbian/Android problem only? How come reviews of iOS devices NEVER mention this?

You know, you have five apps running. Just five. Yahoo Messenger, Safari, Mail, TwitBird, and Twitter. Well, you are done on TwitBird and return to Messenger, only to find it restarting and reloading. There was no notice, no “out of memory” error, but the app was shut down all the same.

Another precious waste of time.

PS: My Nokia E7 runs at least 8 apps – all ACTIVE (not frozen) – in the background before beginning to shut down anything.

And I can’t tell how many times I am writing an article with the WordPress app, or on Safari, and the very app I am working on shuts down just like that.

3. Occassional Laggy Performance
Who said that this thing was fast? On the average, yes, the iPad performs well (not fast, but fine enough). But there are those times when you hit an icon to launch an app, and you see the lag. The processor simply struggles at those times to get things done.

Switching between windows on Safari very often means that I have to tap the windows icon a number of times before I get a response. Yes; its true. I’ll give a demo to anyone who does not have an iPad and wants to see for himself. A free demo.

I asked a friend who has an iPad too whether or not he had experienced this during web browsing. He confirmed the lag and said he just taps the windows icon once and WAITS for the windows view to come up. Great.

It was good to find out that I wasn’t making this up. I was beginning to think that something must be wrong with me, since NO-ONE else ever seems to mention these performance issues.

When you switch to an app in which you are typing something e.g. Messenger or WordPress, very often the very first keys you punch don’t get registered. Or they get registered in slow motion, Matrix-style. Serious.

Just to be sure that I am not making things up, I stopped this article to launch the Twitter app, and there it was – about 3-4 seconds of blank on the display before any information is loaded for viewing. That sounds like something that devices running 600MHz CPUs on a well known mobile Os are regularly chided for by reviewers.

Yet, this baby is supposed to be running a 1GHz processor. Please.

The million dollar question is, Why does no-one else mention these issues? Oh, yes; all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

The Usual Suspects
How about the usual suspects? Those ones are public knowledge.

Transfering documents and non-media files are a royal pain. No USB mass storage mode. Limited Bluetooth functionality. Limited everything.

Usability Nightmare
Nice UI. Lots of eye-candy. Great performance in some areas. But those aside, the iPad is a usability nightmare for me. Perhaps the iPad 2 with a dual-core processor takes care of some of those issues. But who knows? No-one mentioned these issues on the iPad 1; why should they with its second advent?

Going Forward
Going forward, I have had enough of the iPad. I am increasingly getting frustrated with it. Does it mean that it is a terrible device? No; just a highly frustrating, over-hyped, over-priced one.

I am glad that I got the chance to use one though. It is my job to review devices. Now, I have to find someone to buy it off me. And I’m not sure that I would recommend it to anyone besides Apple fans who are not likely to enjoy anything else anyway.

Will I go back to carrying a netbook around? Maybe. Or maybe I find me another tablet to try out for a while.

I hear that the HP TouchPad running WebOS is amazing. If that gets to these parts, I will look in that direction too.

The BlackBerry PlayBook doesn’t seem ready for work yet, though it plays nicely. Those missing features…. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Any of the Android tablets? Perhaps the Tab 10.1 will save the day.

If I don’t find a buyer for the iPad though, I am stuck with it. I can reluctantly and grudgingly live with it, but if you ever run into me attempting to tear my hair out, you know why already.

Before you iFans go into turbo-mode, go read my earlier article on what spending a few weeks with the iPad as a netbook replacement was like. I praised your darling toy.

But I doubt if that will make any difference, so bring it on! Daddy’s got your number!

In the meantime, to everyone else I say, Don’t believe the hype. Its just that – hype.

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  1. Seriously, having read about sooo many encumbrances on iDevices generally, I am not surprised that the iPad finally cramped Yomi’s style enough- for him to say, ‘EnoughIsEnough.’

    I have also imagined that- for most Techies, the novelty of a fancy buttery interface will eventually wear off.

    That comparison with a ‘shine-shine babe (lacking wifely attributes) is very apt.

    In marriage (as well as with devices), it is the enduring features that will stand the test of time. Beauty will fade. The allure of a meretricious object will wane.. It is just a matter of time!

    Based strictly on what I have read – so far – if I get a gift of an iDevice, I will sell it IMMEDIATELY..

    That is just me..

  2. Yomi, your gripes were well stated. I don’t have much to argue with you except that you did not mention the apps that had a lag loading. MAybe they were third party apps. Also, the problem with the browser may be due to usage. I do not have similar problems with my iPod touch. Or maybe you could argue that it’s because it’s not an iPad? Dunno. But by the time I get the iPad 2 in two weeks time I could give it a try.

    Concerning the multitasking; the type implemented by Apple in iOS leaves much to be desired. It is not as robust as in Symbian when everything can run in the background. But it is still. Beautifully executed because one never gets that error message; I prefer the OS to smartly kill overstayed apps in the background so that new apps can launch seamlessly and not creating an inability to launch new apps as in “out of resources” error as you see in Symbian. Be that as it may, Apple still needs to work on multi-tasking.

    Some of your other gripes will surely be corrected by iOS 5 or the iPad 2. But it would be wrong to make a prior conclusion without having tasted the iPad 2 which has twice the RAM and CPU (dual core) capacity of the original iPad and even 2-4 times faster!

    All in all, those are good inconveniences you’ve noticed. I am eagerly expecting what Deoladoctor will say to all these because he has an ipad 1 now! Buyers should take this into cognisance before getting an iPad. But for the iPad 2; that’s a different story!!

  3. I once mentioned it here that Apple and their products represents the matrix in the real world and some people labelled me an extremist and an Apple heater.

    Maybe I should have also said that Apple is a deity of a sot and thus their faults sacrosanct.

    I mean why is Apple and their products receiving praise all the time while their shortcomings are simply glossed over or not mentioned at all, and similar shortcoming from other products are deliberately distorted and even made to look worse?

    I’m beginning to suspect that most of these tech blog guys are in Apple’s payroll or receive special treat from Apple.

    I know I’ll never be caught in this matrix!

  4. @Yomi,

    You wicked small o!

    Why must you come up with this article a few days after I got myself an iPad? Now I feel like throwing my iPad into the soak away pit. (Just kidding)

    All that was mentioned in this review are sadly true. But that goes to prove the point I’ve always been making. Tablets cannot replace the netbook and they remain largely expensive toys. With the kind of money used in buying these things, one expect better performances.

    However, there are still very good reasons for their existence. I had the iPhone for some months now and come to realize that in spite of it’s shortcomings, it is one device a doctor should have. The quantity and quality of medical applications in the AppStore is mind blowing.

    The idevices give you references on the go. Medical quiz to challenge yourself, Continuing Medical Education applications, etc. They are all there. And this is just talking about medical. Other professions are also well represented. With this kind of situation, one would not so much mind the deficiencies mentioned in the article above.

    As I always say, it is what works for you that matters.

    Funny thing though, why don’t people mention all these shortcomings when reviewing iPad or iPhones?

  5. I personally do not get all this tablet hype, I still can’t convince myself to find a use for them, maybe great for watching movies but nothing else..

  6. I had these same problems with the iPad it got worse with ios4.3 update became an increasing problem. looked around and researched some other android tablets they also had there pro’s and con’s. Dove in and bought the iPad2 and a lot of the lag went away still not perfect but the most stable tablet in my opinion.

  7. Hi Quam,

    Nice to ‘see’ you here again.

    Actually, that’s life. Its the same way some people do not get the BlackBerry hype or iOS hype or touchscreen hype.

  8. These problems u encountered with the iPad are least expected with all the hype that iSheep and media put behind the iDevices. Having to reload every page after background is an instant kill for me, does it do the same with Opera Mini or is it just restricted to just the Safari browser only. The lag between app switching is acceptable to me.

  9. Can’t say I’m surprised. What I don’t understand is why ifans keep mute about these issues.
    So Yomi, which would you recommend for someone itching to partake in the tablet mania? Ipad or Samsung tab?

  10. While all this is true for the past generation hardware and soon to be surpassed software, this just seems to be progress. If the device didn’t set expectations for better performance and functionality, there would be no industry evolving around it.

    I just upgraded to an iPad 2 for fathers day. I’m in heaven – I use it constantly, but also have an Air and a tower. It supplements my life and I expect it to only get better!!

  11. I read this article about 3am today and decided to reserve my comments because i felt it contained a fatal flaw; unconsciously comparing the iPad to a PC. That would not happen, the iPad or any tablet becoming a PC replacement. Perhaps a semblance of it would come with the launch of Windows 8 next year, that is perhaps. But for those that flog their PCs like i do, i understood the fact that the tablet is as different from the PC, just as your phones are. Tablets can never compare.

    That said, what void is the iPad or any tablet filling? Basically, media consumption and entertainment. Think of the ipad as a bigger phone, which in truth, it is. For me, i have since dispensed with my phone (Phoneitipad), books, DSTV, etc for the ipad. Come to think of it, i have read more books this last few months on my ipad than i have done in 10 years.True. I can never be caught doing such on a PC. If you really do not have a need for a tablet, you will definitely have a buyer’s remorse or resent it.And for my work, I am mobile but i need my clients to feel i am right there behind my desk and not “wait till i get to the office”.

    Again, what determines how well you will enjoy your ipad is how many relevant apps you have on your device. Even before i got my device, i had a list of “must-have” apps. Games (ANyone tried Real Racing HD before?), CineXPlayer (Watch .avi films) and lately my blogging app, BlogPress.Unfortunately, Android do not come close in number of apps. And WebOS?

    I use an ipad 1 (thank God) with 256MB RAM and it really comes to me as a surprise the multitasking issues Yomi had. You all can only imagine how hard i have flogged this toy, and it is still breathing.Just like any product, the built in apps are not necessarily the best. And a number of 3rd party apps too arent.Safari is beautify but is resource hungry, lacks tabs, no web compression, etc. Atomic web browser has been good to me.I read reviews a lot and from experience prefer Twitterrific app for Twitter. Also, Friendly, the facebook app seems to load forever, maybe the official facebook app will fare better. But one must not forget to note that some of this lags are caused by the slow networks too.

    Deoladoctor mentioned something about medical apps but wait till you have a feel of the “Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab” app. After having a feel, i feel convinced i can open a shop as an ENT surgeon (lol).A 3D simulator of the upper airway.

    Like i mentioned in an earlier comment, find something that fits your need, it really does not have to be an iPad. More so, if you are not favourably disposed to jailbreaking your ipad, you will hate the device more. Even with jailbreaking, imagine, i can’t make (even VOIP) calls via bluetooth headset?! Why, because AT&T said no. Imagine?! Now i am stuck with making calls via speakerphone or using a wired earpiece. Not very cool, i assure you.

    But in all, i am not complaining (much) and my folks here aren’t either. At least now i am so engrossed with it that they now have the TV remote to themselves. Everybody’s happy.

    Thank you iPad.

  12. Gentlemen, I have always had my reservations on touch screen devices, give me keyboards and buttons anyday. As for Apple, somebody described it as a benevolent dictatorship. They are ruled by a system that does not care what anybody says. It beats me how the company make simple things complicated. For example, why don’t IPods have bluetooth, why can’t you just ‘drag’ in mp3 files and your device plays it, why must we download itunes for IPod (its okay for the phone though). They make their video format different. You can’t run third party apps. They make everything difficult and cumbersome. Sadly, their fans are so mellowed and meek that they don’t see any faults. They even ‘lock’ the phones to particular networks. Now you can’t even put your old sim card in your IPad, the small sim issue is totally uneccessary. Apple na wa for you, Chineke ekwela ihe ojo (God forbid bad thing).

  13. Ambyzown, it all boils down to your needs and tolerance levels. if you can tolerate Apple’s twisted world, the iPad is your baby. if you want a normal life, please stay away from it and go get yourself the Galaxy Tab.

  14. Yomi could not have put it better when he said it boils down to your need and tolerance. There is no perfect device. When a device has more of what we want and need and we are able to stomach its deficiencies that device will work for us. Its just that in the case of ipad, the hype is so much and far above and over its functionality.

    I find it particularly irritating not being able to attach documents and media unto my emails directly from the email application. Few days ago, i developed some documents and needed to send them to afewgoodmen. I had to send him three separate mails with one attached document each, every time initiating the email from the documents rather than writing a mail and attaching all the three documents. Really stressful.

    The big plus for me is the sheer volume and quality of medical apps both paid and free on the ios platform. It has no rivals. I think i will continue with the ipad till androids catch up on the apps.

    Looks like opera mini is immune to the reloading issue.

    I’d love to see those smiles on your face after nokia dumps your beloved symbian. There wouldn’t be much left to trust by then would there? But come to think about it, with all these new goodies coming out of the symbian stable, would they still want to kill a good idea?

    Apple should think seriously about fixing these glitches or they will soon be living on their past glories (past hypes if i may say)

  15. One more thing. The way Safari Browser is implemented in iOS is rather poor. There are no true tabs. What you get are windows which freeze when you open another window only to start reloading when you come back to them. You wouldn’t want to use such a browser if you are on limited data plan. Thankfully, there are other browser apps available to you like Atomic Browser that have true tabs. However, atomic browser will not reflect your true os on a post ( see what is displayed on my last post using my iPad and the atomic browser).

    Opera mini browser on ipad has this issue of refusing to show your posts after submission. You refresh many times not sure your post is submitted. Am not sure this glitch is peculiar to opera mini on iOS alone.

  16. {
    DeolaDoctor >> Am not sure this glitch is peculiar to opera mini on iOS alone.

    have noticed that too on Symbian.

    @artWales: thank God you are enjoying the fruits of your investment (the ipad)

    You said:

    decided to reserve my comments because i felt it contained a fatal flaw; unconsciously comparing the iPad to a PC

    No; we are just saying Apple should abandon its ‘Painful Way’ of complicating simple .things. if it is all about ‘pleasant user experience’, why so many quirky ways of doing things that other SMARTPHONES’ have been doing for YEARS?

    To acid into our ulcers, these toys cost a pretty penny. As Yomi likes to say, when you shell out good cash on a device, you expect some BASIC functionalities out-of-the-box.

    I viol the reason ArtWales is cool with his iPad (being a Geek) is because he already knew the limitations BEFORE buying it, and was prepared to live with them. Lots of folks may not be that forward looking – but merely behave like Lemmings and follow the crowd.

    Whe people talk about the quantity and quality of apps present on a platform influencing their choosing it , I can flow with that. But – with the useability issues of the iToys, one would be forced to look at alternatives. At a certain level, the number of apps becomes irrelevant (just like it does not matter who is riches between Bill Gates & Carlos Skin)

    It is good to tow the path of wisdom- be aware before you bite any product. Forget the hype. Do your research. if you are knowledgeable, you have freedom. Freedom to choose WISELY.

    This reminds of a popular Tokunboh car called ‘End of Discussion’. This car is like the nubile damsel Yomi described – Beautiful, sleek and curvaceous – BUT, a big BUT…with an automatic transmission that will EVENTUALLY ALWAYS fail catastrophically. If you are aware of this fatal flaw and still buy it, it is better than just SHEEPISHLY commiting your cash ignorantly because it is very popular and your cousin cruises one around town!

    Enough said.

  17. Artwales dear friend, I will take you up on the glaring errors in your comment.

    You said:

    I read this article about 3am today and decided to reserve my comments because i felt it contained a fatal flaw; unconsciously comparing the iPad to a PC.

    How did you arrive at this conclusion? There is nothing in my article that even suggests a comparison with PCs.

    While your comment above sounds like the typical response of iSheep, you are not a faithful follower of the iShepherd himself, Steve Jobs. You cannot be and have made the following statement:

    That said, what void is the iPad or any tablet filling? Basically, media consumption and entertainment.

    Excuse me! Uncle Steve himself and the entire Apple spin machinery market and tout the iPad as a PC replacement for all things – documents editing, web browsing, email, etc. Those are not media consumption features.

    Sir, Apple does not market ithe iPad as a media consumption device.

    Again, in one breath you say, “…it really comes to me as a surprise the multitasking issues Yomi had.” and then in another you at least admit that “Safari is beautify but is resource hungry”.

    How can you admit that Safari is resource hungry and then deny the multitasking issues I raised? Symptoms of resource hungry apps include multitasking issues and laggy performance.

    Does it not make sense to concede for the purpose of this argument that since I have Safari running all the time, and by your admission it is resource hungry, it might as well be the source of the multitasking and laggy issues I have experienced on the iPad?

    Lastly, everyone else who uses an iPad and who have commented here have clearly admitted that the issues I raised in my article are real. You are the sole exception. I think you are simply refusing to acknowledge them, as is typical of most iFans.

  18. Thanks Yomi, I already got a Galaxy Tab some two months back. I just wanted the confirmation that I made the right choice.
    I also experience apps shutting down while using them on my Samsung Tab. Especially while using the stock safari browser.

  19. @artwales

    how exactly does the iPad replace ur DSTV, a friend of mine is the market for a airly used iPad and is planning on using it as a PC replacement although i have tried to enlighten him that an iPad would never serve fully as a PC replacement, he’s hellebent on procuring one. And he is particularly interested in the DSTV thing

  20. @martinkem

    Please ignore artwales. His idea of DSTV replacement boils down to glueing himself unto his iPad’s 10.1inch screen while allowing the rest of his family free and full access to the glorious 32inch plasma TV in their sitting room. To the best of my knowledge (which may be incomplete), iPad has no DSTV app.

  21. Yomi, the iPad is not a perfect device. Yes it’s true that the safari browser as implemented in iOS 4.33 is resource hungry and does not cache pages for offline reading when minimised; however, this particular feature will be improved in iOS 5 coming out in September. Despite this small “glitch”, I still prefer the bRowser to that in Symbian or Android for instance.

    Artwales; those points you mentioned are quite valid. One needs to know what he wants and get it. For guys like Yomi, it’s different; they’re there to review and make others knowledgeable so as to make good choices. However, certain inferences made in the article like “occasional” lagging of some apps at launch/use should be put into proper perspective so that viewers do not get an erroneous impression that the iPad is overtly laggy and has a poor usability. Such stuff do not happen all the time. Also different apps have different sizes and resources needs. You do not expect an app like “The Elements: A visual Exploration” with size of 1.2Gigabyte & boasting lots of graphics to launch as fast as Twitter for iPad that is a mere 6.3Megabyte. They can’t even be expected to use similar CPU resources TOO! What the iPad is noted for is the global ease of use! It gets the work done!

    The usability of the iPad is one of it’s most endearing features. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, Symbian all have their quirks. iOS is not made by God! So expect errors once in a while in a device that is most of the time powered on with sometimes more than 20 apps running frozen in the background or multi-tasking (music apps, skype, Yahoo messenger for instance). Even Windows would need a reboot if left on for extended periods. That’s where the beauty of a tablet comes in.

    To agree with you, the iPad is not merely a consumptive device. It is also productive. You can also post article on your blogs, edit documents, edit movies/pics and even print directly from your iPad. Those’re media/work creation to me.

    Yes, the iPad is not a perfect device, but the iPad 2 is better. And with iOS 5, it will only improve!

    As I’ve always said before, I do not expect the iPad to equate a PC or netbook in functionality because it is not meant to do that just for economic reasons. And ergonomics too. Apple, Microsoft or HP wouldn’t want tablets to parasites on laptop sales so they intentionally limit some features!

  22. Afewgoodmen,

    Where did I ask for the iPad to be a perfect device? But again the question, Why do these other reveiwers NEVER mention these glaring shortcomings? Why does Nokia, for example, get lashed by those reviewers for putting limited RAM on their smartphones while Apple gets a pass mark from these same guys inspite of the same limited RAM on the iPad?

    Secondly, in what ways are Artwales’ points valid in the context of my article? He did not address ANYTHING I said in that article. He sidestepped or directly ignored those issues.

    Lastly, I did not list any such heavy graphics apps that you are alluding to in talking about lags and issues. As a matter of fact, the very Twitter app that you have used as an example of a light app is one of those that show some lag when loading.

    Exactly why is it so difficult for some of you guys to accept the shortcomings of these iDevices? What is it that makes it difficult for you to focus on issues raised once it has to do with something from Cupertino?

    iDon’t get it. But then, iAm not an iSheep. I probably never will get it.

  23. Is it a crime to criticise constructively? must we all shut our eyes to the naked truth concerning a device with so much restrictions.I had a feeling immediately I noticed Yomi with an I pad that the romance will not last.Its only Americans that can window dress such a product and call it the ultimate device. Í dey laugh ooooo.

  24. Yomi, get this….beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Besides, love is deaf, dumb and blind.!

  25. EyeBeeKay,

    You know I dont have a problem with beauty being in the eye of the beholder. If someone loves the iPad, I have no problem with that. But when people deny outright the flaws of a device, even when they are obvious to everyone else, that is something else.

    I make no pretence about my love for Symbian, but what I won’t do is attempt to deny its flaws or weaknesses. I love it for its strengths and accept its weaknesses.

    That is how it should be, not this absurd glossing over of the flaws of anything Apple by their fans.

  26. iDo apologise for any iRuffled iFeathers. Honestly, the reason why i wanted to reserve my comments.

    Now, seriously, let someone give me the name of a Perfect Device, and i would give you a full page of its limitations, yeah, even Galaxy Tab 10.1. Personally, i believe the ipad issue has been overflogged, although i daresay it is one of the reasons it is still a top seller, sorry, The Top Seller.

    No one should get me wrong, i am not an Apple fan and, well, not a sheep either. But like i mentioned, the Apple with all its flaws is still the best device i can live with. Emaphasis on Me, Myself and I. I speak for no one.I know enough of the ipad’s flaws and i really do not think i can hear anything new. And like Eyebeekay metioned, i knew all these flaws and Proprietary restrictions even before i made the purchase one year after ipad was released.One thing is very clear, the moment something else comes up in the market with better usability for me, i will jump ship (Wonder what excuse i will give to my wife this time for getting another tablet, the old lie wont work again).

    Funny, “sheepish”? Sheepishly drop money for a device with a price tag of about $600? I am not a Mugu o.I look ground well, well.

    Like i mentioned earlier, i do apologise, but the fact remains that the ipad works for me – for now and for this moment. Who knows, tomorrow might be different.

    On an objective note, i did mention that not all built in apps in any device (ipad, nokia, android devices, etc) are the best for that device, you have instances where 3rd party apps fared better. Safari is not the best, but that dont make ipad terrible. As at my last count, i had about 6 alternative browsers on my ipad and, to me,(Yeah, me!me!me!) Atomic web browser stands out. Same issue applies to the browsers in the Nokia of old (dont know about now), WinMo phones, etc. Just like Internet Explorer on the PC, mostly unusable.

    Most of Apple’s restrictions are based on commercial reasons. Yes, i do strongly believe that we need a good tablet to rise out of the ruins to give this iPad monster a good run for its money, then, they might consider removing all these restrictions. But, sadly, for now, none exists. It’s true.

    Our comments are just personal opinions, and my need for the ipad is not what Uncle Jobs wants it to be but what i need it to be.


    Quite a number of ipad browsers, modifying their settings, can adopt the user agent details of other browsers, Atomic browser inclusive. A lot also have some form of web compression using “Google Mobilizer”. Do not know if it is better than opera because, most times, opera do not work.

  27. The prolem that I have with Drifta is that it adds another mobile device to carry around – just so I can watch DStv Mobile?

    I carry a phone, an iPad, and then Drifta. And we were all excited about convergence?

  28. Convergence was Nokia’s dream with devices like the N96 with DVB-H, 5MP cam, wi-fi, gps and a host of other features. Apple on the other hand does product differentiation an iPod Nano, iPod Touch,iPhone which is basically an iPod Touch with Cellular receiver and the iPad otherwise an big iPod, Apple TV a computer that doesn’t run applications or iPod touch without a screen that’s connected to your TV, iMac computers, MacBook laptops

  29. Hey guys, I am from the Philippines and I always check out this website. While I find Apple products very innovative, I really cannot understand why most of the people who own one are obsessed with their gadget.

    I myself own an iPhone4 and an iPad. While I find these devices wonderful, they really don’t satisfy my needs. I am also irritated by iOS limitations.

    Those gripes that Yomi has about the iPad are true. He is very objective, but I am just wondering- Why can’t some people just accept the truth?

  30. @Turboglendz

    Truth, my dear, is relative. Different truths for different class of users.

    To an isheep, four legs good, two legs better was the song when apple first came on line with iPhone. Now their song is four legs good, two legs better since apple has adopted most of what it refused to acknowledge previously.

    To a Jobs worshipper, everything apple is as it should be for a device. After all, gods don’t make mistakes. There are good reasons why apps lag and suddenly shut down while you are using them. It’s all part of the nifty design to make your life better.

    To those in love like the pressmen and apple analysts (who probably must have been given the device for keeps and review), some flaws noticed now is intentional and can be easily explained. others would be improved on with the next iOS. @ EyeBeeKay says the ones in this group are love blind, love deaf, and dumb.

    People like me use any device for MY NEEDS and convenience. When the better ones come, we move on.

    However, I must praise apple for a job well done. Their devices are good and appeal to the generality of people in spite of the very glaring deficiencies and restrictions.

  31. I am sorry, but the truth is not relative. See? That is the problem when we ignore the truth. It does not support USB mass storage – I cannot see why this could be relative.

  32. The iPad1 sure has its limitations.

    The iPad2 is no saint but it has a faster processor, more RAM and its getting iOS5 with improved performance.

    We certainly know that the Android tablets have more features than the iPad. i.e Micro SD, Micro USB and Micro HDMI.

    But the Apple iPad comes with the best Ecosystem and apps for now.

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