Rumour: Huawei P9 may debut at CES with 6GB of RAM

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The annual electronic consumer show, CES, kicks off this year in Las Vegas this week, and word on the street is that Huawei might be shaking things up with 6GB of RAM in its upcoming smartphone, the P9. If you are wondering WTH, so are we. Last year saw the emergence of Android phones packing 4GB of RAM, so 6GB this year isn’t too much of a stretch.

Huawei P9

One still cannot help but wonder what it will take to get really smooth performance on Android. Even smartphones with 3GB RAM still experience performance issues AKA lag. We know that iOS and Android are different, but the iPhone 6s runs smoothly on a dual-core processor and only 2GB of RAM. Android flagships are already toting octa-core processors and 4GB of RAM and still struggle. Despite manufacturers throwing huge “engines” at Android OS, their devices have still not been able to match the iPhone’s operational smoothness.

PS: Thanks to EyeBeeKay to the tip-off.

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