A recreational vehicle (RV) cannot only be used in travelling. Some people live in there too. So what does this mean? If you are find

RV Surge Protector: Everything You Need To Know

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A recreational vehicle (RV) cannot only be used in travelling. Some people live in there too. So what does this mean? If you are find yourself spending most of your time in your RV travelling or living, then chances are high that there will be electrical consumer items in it. Such items include: a refrigerator, sound system, washing machine, a microwave and many more. Electric devices are subject to voltage spikes which could damage your electronics. That is why you need an RV surge protector with the best rating to offer protection to your electric devices.


RV Surge Protector

Advantages of RV surge protectors

  1. 1. Surge protectors protect your appliances in the RV from damages caused by lightning, power surges and irregular voltages. Without it, your appliances will be vulnerable to these and have to be repaired or completely replaced. These can be costly.
  2. 2. Poor weather and cold campsite grounds are prone to electrical problems, lower voltages or higher voltages, all of which can damage appliances like air conditioners.
  3. 4. Surge protectors have been designed to work even under wet conditions so they offer protection at all times.
  4. 5. Surge protectors are simple to install. You don’t need an electrician to fix them, unless your connecting lines are faulty. Otherwise most of them are plug and play.

One simple fact that you need to know is that there is no RV surge protector that can completely guard your electronics 100%. But some are really good. We outline the important things to look out for when you want to purchase a surge protector for your RV.


Check the Ampere Rating

An ampere is the standard rate of flow of current in an electronic device. Surge protectors have a rating written on top of the stipulating the amount of power that your RV uses. Once you know the amount of power, you will easily be able to avoid incidences of burning or low voltages passing through the appliances. Lastly, don’t buy the least or the most rated amperage RV surge protector because it is going to give you problems.


Types of RV Surge Protector

There exist different types of RV surge protectors which offer the same service of spike protection, high/low voltage regulation etc. The first one is the standard surge protector whose job is strictly to offer surge and lightning protection to the appliances inside the RV. When it comes to voltage irregularities, this surge protector cannot handle regulating the problem, so your appliances will still be in danger.


The next one has an indicator that alerts you when there is a faulty chord or connection. So if your wire connection in the RV is faulty, the surge protector will alert you. It is a little more advanced than the first category of RV surge protector, but it still cannot protect your appliances from voltage irregularities.

The last type of surge protectors does everything that the last two types of surge protectors can’t. When it comes to cost and quality, it is high due to its close to 100% efficiency when it comes to protection of your electronic devices in the RV.


Bottom Line

A surge protector is an important tool that must be installed in every RV if you care about the safety of your electrical appliances against lightning, voltage issues or power surges. You do need to have a larger source of power. If you have more questions about this, you can go to a technical website like mygaragestory.net to get more helpful answers. Your RV wire connections should be correct for the proper functioning of the surge protector.


There are different brands that manufacture surge protectors so just be careful when choosing the right one for your RV because some of these companies are out there for the love of the money, selling low quality and malfunctioned surge protectors. Otherwise having a surge protector inside your recreational vehicle has a lot of benefits. Make sure that you have the right one and you won’t have to worry about fixing of the appliances.

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