Here is a round up of news items that have been in the news for days now regarding the sales of certain smartphones worldwide. Advertisement

Sales Figures – Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia N8, Windowsphone 7 devices

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Here is a round up of news items that have been in the news for days now regarding the sales of certain smartphones worldwide.


Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S phones worldwide

First up, it is reported that Samsung has sold 10 million Galaxy S phones worldwide. Samsung certainly hit a home run with the Galaxy S series. Excellent sales figures.

samsung galaxy s


Nokia N8 has shipped about 4 million?

According to a Finland research company, Nokia has sold between 3.5 and 4 million N8 smartphones. Nokia had also previously stated that the N8 has recorded the greatest number of pre-orders ever from the company.


These are not confirmed sales figures, so we’ll keep our eyes out for more details.


1.5 million Windowsphone 7 devices sold to operators

Microsoft’s new mobile OS, Windowsphone 7, currently runs on ten (10) devices or so. Microsoft has announced that they have sold about 1.5 million WP7 devices to retailers and network operators. This is not actual sales figures to end users, as it does not state how many of those 1.5 million devices have actually been purchased by end-users. We’ll have to wait for the exact sales figures.

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  2. at the rate the n8 is going..i guess it will still beat samsung galaxy s to it..the bulk of galaxy sold was in america and europe..meanwhile nokia still has a wider coverage as usual..

  3. WIndows phone 7 is not doing so well. 1.5 million WIndows phone 7 sold in about 2 to 3 months since launch is poor. That is roughly 150,000 devices per each of the 10 windows phone 7 shipped! And not all these have been bought by end-users/customers!

    Let’s hope this is not another Kin phone in the making!!

  4. Samsung is doing it! Will catch up on Nokia soon. Though this article not so wholistic without time frame. We need time frame of devices launch before putting the Nokia N8, WP7 and Galaxy 8 in proper perspective.

    However, I think that the Galaxy S Has been on early this year or much earlier than the N8. That makes theN8’s sales no small fit, seeing that it is just about 2-3 months plus in sales!

  5. Samsung marketing for the Galaxy was superb, it was available everywhere and on most carriers. They sure deserve it, most people even believe that it will be better than Nexus S once it receives Gingerbread update.

    The Nate is certainly doing fine.

    It is too early to conclude, but it looks like WP7 is late to the party. Anyway, they have prospect (once the updates keep rolling) so lets hope 2011 will be a better wp7 year.

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