Samsung’s new messenger app has its roots in Telegram

After their unsuccessful romance with IM app, Chat On, Samsung is back at it again with a new messenger called,”Socializer Messenger“. The app has a clean interface, and is said to offer gaming in chat rooms too.


Another standout feature with this app, it’s more of a Social Web App Platform (SWAP). This is a platform for development and distribution of mobile web applications based on social service. In simpler terms, you can make and share web apps with your friends through this app, without any extra installations.


It’s also interesting to discover that this app was built off Telegram source code. We hope Samsung gets it right with this second dive into IM apps.

Download Socializer Messenger from  Google Play Store HERE.

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    • don’t think ChatOn was ever really doing well, Samsung used to push signup numbers rather than monthly active users. ChatOn accounts were opened for everyone using a Samsung account sort of like how you get a Hangouts/Google + account when you sign up for GMail

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