Samsung To Commence Mass Production Of New 16GB RAM Chipsets This Year

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Samsung has commenced mass production of 16GB RAM chips for their smartphones. With an increase in the need for more memory by modern-day devices, Samsung has followed this trend and is now set to produce 16GB RAM chipsets.


The South Korean company had announced that it will soon commence the production of these chipsets in large numbers and are looking to incorporate them into their premium smartphones. Presently, a number of devices in the market already have 16GB RAM specs, with the recently released Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra coming to mind.

samsung 16GB chipsets

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According to Samsung, this new set of chips will deliver up to 5,500Mbps speeds, making it faster than the LPDDR4X chipsets. It is also expected to be more efficient compared to previous chipsets and should consume less power.

The chips are set to be manufactured in Samsung’s DRAM plant in Pyeongteaek. Samsung is yet to specify which other companies will be using the new 16GB LPDDR5 RAM chips, but with a number of devices already released taking 16GB RAM chips, it won’t be surprising to see the top dogs in the smartphone field jump on this trend.

However, we do not expect to see smartphones begin to use this 16GB LPPDR5 products until the early part of 2021.




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