It is no surprise that there has been rumour after rumour of the launch of the elusive Samsung foldable phone, considering that Samsung showed off

The Samsung foldable phone looks super impressive

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It is no surprise that there has been rumour after rumour of the launch of the elusive Samsung foldable phone, considering that Samsung showed off a prototype as far back as 2011. Everybody is waiting for the launch date for the foldable smartphone by the Korean mobile phone giant.

But we are closer to seeing the device hit the market than ever before. And technology has come up with almost everything needed to pull it off.

Timeline Of The Samsung Foldable Phone

The first prototype came out in 2011 and it was said it had the ability to be folded up to 100,000 times without leaving a crease. In 2013, Samsung showed off another prototype and called it “Youm” – the bendable OLED line-up made up of thin plastic instead of glass. Since then, enthusiasts have been waiting for news about this foldable phone from Samsung.

Finally, during the Consumer Electronics, 2018 Show (CES) that was held early this year, Samsung revealed in a private meeting with potential customers that it plans to begin production by November and sales will begin by next year.

The Samsung foldable phone is said to resemble a book, with the main display on the inside, a smaller notification display on the front, a camera on the back. The main display is rumoured to be a whooping 7.3 inches in size! Will this be the smallest 7-inch device ever? Time will tell.

There is hope that the phone will be launched at CES 2019. In the words of Mr. Hyes Ken, director of the emerging device strategies service, “I have 99% confidence that Samsung will launch the foldable smartphone as expected” Now, that’s assurance!

Samsung Foldable phone - Samsung Galaxy X

Different reports have suggested that the foldable smartphone will go by the name, Samsung Galaxy X. Sounds futuristic. The stuff of science fiction.

Samsung Galaxy X: A Revolutionary New Design

In a world of flat slabs, a foldable smartphone will be a novelty and revolutionary in terms of user experience.

The fact that it will be foldable means it will be a great hybrid for both videos and for reading because for its larger screen. This could even serve as a replacement for tablets and laptops. That will depend on the size Samsung chooses to go with. A bigger size will be perfect as a laptop/tablet replacement, while a smaller size might have you mistaking it for a wallet when folded up.

Samsung foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy Fold

On the other hand, a foldable smartphone with all its capabilities is sure to be expensive and may experience slow sales. I think that’s the more reason the launch date has been postponed several times.

In the meantime, there are already feelers that other manufacturers are experimenting with foldable technology. Well, the launch date is not so far and I cannot wait to see how well the Samsung foldable phone will do in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Early information filtering in hints at the phone being named Samsung Galaxy Fold, with confirmation of the display. Using a display called Infinity Flex Display, when opened up, it is 7.3 inches across diagonals, and when folded up, two 4.6” displays.

samsung galaxy fold

The resolution in folded mode is 480 x 1,960 pixels, while in full mode, it is 1,536 x 2,152 pixels. The user interface is Samsung’s new One UI, but specially customised so that it transitions seamlessly into an almost tablet-like interface when the display is opened up.

To protect the display in place of toughened glass is an advanced transparent polymer that is flexible and tough. It was specially developed for the Samsung foldable phone.

In addition, Samsung’s digital assistant, Bixby, will also be baked into the phone.

The Galaxy Fold is expected to cost a little below $2,000.

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